General Environmental Health

Sunday, June 6
Learning LabLearning Laboratory
1:00noon – 2:50pm
Environmental Health Leaders Speakers Series (PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT)

Are you a student interested in exploring the diversity of career paths that exist in environmental health? Are you new to the EH profession and want to learn about best practices that will help you succeed? Or are you an experienced EH professional who would like to get ideas on how to overcome challenges you are currently facing? This interactive session will feature 2009 NEHA Award Winners (Mangold, Snyder, Wagner and Crumbine) and senior NEHA Officers who will share the key lessons they’ve learned and career advice. Take this chance to explore the strategies these professionals have employed to succeed, network with them, and pick up tips on how you can do your job better!
Richard A. Pantages, Immediate Past President, National Environmental Health Association (2008-2009) and Past President, California Environmental Health Association (1987-1988), Fremont, CA (Speaker) Keith L. Krinn, RS, MA, DAAS, CPHA, Environmental Health Administrator, Columbus Public Health, Columbus, OH and President Elect, National Environmental Health Association (Columbus Public Health: 2009 Crumbine Award Winner)(Speaker)
George Nakamura, REHS, MPA, DAAS, CEO/MP, Nakamura Leasing, Sunnyvale, CA (2009 Wagner Award Winner) (Speaker)
Terrance B. Gratton, DrPH, DAAS, RS, Assistant Professor, University of North Texas Health Science Center, School of Public Health, Fort Worth, TX (2009 Snyder Award Winner) (Speaker)
Sharron LaFollette, PhD, 2009-2010 EHAC General Chair, Chair of Public Health Department, University of Illinois - Springfield, Springfield, IL (Speaker)
Mel Knight, REHS, Director (Retired), Sacramento County Environmental Management Department, Folsom, CA and First Vice President, National Environmental Health Association (Speaker and Moderator)

Monday, June 7
Lecture HallLecture Hall
1:00 – 1:50pm
Using Building Codes to Promote Healthy Housing

Governments regulate health in housing, directly and more commonly, indirectly, through housing and building codes. Certain jurisdictions, such as California and in some major cities, have comprehensive laws in place that address (among other things) health risks in residential housing.  This session explores housing codes as a tool to promote healthy housing.
Doug Farquhar, JD, Program Director for Environmental Health, National Conference of State Legislators, Denver, CO

3:00 – 3:50pm
A Review of 2009 and 2010 State Environmental Health Legislation

What changes to environmental health legislation has your state legislature enacted in the last year?  What innovative policy responses are being adopted in other states?  This session will cover major trends and topics related to environmental health being acted upon in state legislatures around the country.  Children's environmental health protections, chemical policy reform, consumer product safeguards, indoor air quality and pesticide regulation are some of the topics that will be addressed. 
Doug Farquhar, JD, Program Director for Environmental Health, National Conference of State Legislators, Denver, CO

4:00 – 4:50pm
Smoke Free Housing in Apartments and Condominiums - Is It Possible? The Massachusetts Experience
Complaints of 2nd hand smoke in residential environments is challenging for public health departments. Environmental health controls have proven to have little to no impact.  Attendees will hear what works and does not work in addressing these complaints, and will be provided an overview of survey results performed in Massachusetts reflecting a high demand for smoke-free policies in residential environments. Additionally, an overview of implementing smoke-free housing standards will be presented.
Patrick Maloney, RS, CHO, MPAH, Chief of Environmental Health, Brookline Health Department, Brookline, MA
Christopher Banthin Esq., JD, Program Director/Senior Staff Attorney, Public Health Advocacy Institute - Tobacco Control Resource Center, Northeastern University School of Law, Boston, MA



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