To help support the educational nature of the conference and emphasize the importance of sustainability, SCA Tissue is supporting the Sustainability Lecture Hall sessions with an educational sponsorship. Additionally, SCA Tissue donated hand-sanitizing stations for use at the conference.

Monday, June 7
Lecture HallLecture Hall
1:00 – 1:50pm
Sustainability: A Survey of the Field to Define Environmental Health's Role

NEHA will share recent research conducted to gain insight into the field of sustainability. From organizational structure to workforce to programmatic focuses, attendees will gain a generalized understanding of local government sustainability programs. Armed with this knowledge, environmental health professionals can identify their roles in sustainability and how to collaborate on sustainability programs in their jurisdiction.
Kristen Ruby, Project Specialist, National Environmental Health Association, Denver, CO

3:00 – 3:50pm
Green Chemistry and Environmental Health

Everything from cleaning products to automobiles are being touted as “green.” This session will cover how the principles of green chemistry are being applied in the development of state regulatory initiatives, product labeling programs, and consensus standards with the goal of positively impacting environmental health.
Teresa McGrath, MS, Supervising Toxicologist, NSF International, Ann Arbor, MI

4:00 – 4:50pm
Emerging State Chemical Policy Reforms: Comprehensive Chemicals Management and Green Chemistry Initiatives

Concerns about the health effects of hazardous chemicals and federal regulatory inaction has led many states to adopt innovative chemical policy reforms.  From comprehensive chemicals management to green chemistry policies, states are leading the way in crafting new frameworks for chemical regulation.  This session will explore emerging state approaches to chemical policy.  Learn if your state is considering chemical reforms and what factors contribute to their adoption. 
Doug Farquhar, JD, Program Director for Environmental Health, National Conference of State Legislators, Denver, CO

Tuesday, June 8
Learning LabLearning Laboratory
8:30 – 10:00am
Beyond Regulation – Building Sustainable Places

When it comes to community design and land use, are environmental health professionals limited to a strictly regulatory role? What if we want to encourage or support the creation of sustainable places?  At what other points in the community design process can we weigh in and how?  What would be the point or value in expanding our role? Answers to these questions, as well as related resources and tools will be explored in this interactive and discussion-oriented workshop.
Leanne Jeffers, MPH, Public Health Training Manager, Regional Institute for Health & Environmental Leadership, Denver, CO
Carol Maclennan, REM, Environmental Health Policy Coordinator, Tri-County Health Department, Greenwood Village, CO

10:30 – 11:20am
2010 NEHA Excellence in Sustainability Award Winner

Meet NEHA’s 2010 NEHA Excellence in Sustainability Award Winner and hear about what challenges they faced in implementing sustainability initiatives in their organization and how were they overcome. Come away from this interactive session with practical suggestions on how to implement sustainability initiatives in your organization.
This could be you! 

1:00 – 2:50am
The Challenges and Rewards of Constructing Healthy Built Environments

The Green Building movement has put not just energy efficiency, but human health at the forefront of new building guidelines. For those practicing green development, ‘sustainability’ encompasses not just reduced carbon emissions, but enhanced daylighting and the reduction of indoor Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This session will examine two recent Affordable Housing projects in Downtown Albuquerque that have taken a health-conscious approach to creating better indoor residential environments that conserve both energy and water.
Homer Robinson, LEED AP, Senior Project Manager, Romero Rose LLC, Albuquerque, NM
Dory Wegrzyn, MCRP, AICP, Housing Development Director, Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Wednesday, June 9
Lecture HallLecture Hall
8:30 – 9:20am
Public Health’s Response to Climate Change in Florida

The Florida Department of Health, in partnership with the Association of State and Territorial Health Organizations, has developed a strategic plan to address the public health consequences of climate change. The methods used in Florida’s pilot program to educate and empower employees in this emerging area of public health can be used as a model for other states. The audience will be invited to give input on the methodology used, other strategies that can be employed and next steps to creating a five year staff development plan.
Sandra Whitehead, PhD, Environmental Public Health Planner, Florida Dept. of Health, Tallahassee, FL

9:30 – 11:20am
Improving Public Health through Adapting to Climate Change and Performing Health Impact Assessments

Extreme heat and weather, vector-borne diseases, and vulnerable prepared is public health to respond to these aspects of climate change? At this session, obtain knowledge about using an electronic needs assessment of public health staff to guide climate change training and strategic planning, discuss heath impact assessment tools and their relevance to climate change and improving the public's health, acquire knowledge of health impact assessments, assess health impact assessment trainings and examine the application of a health impact assessment on a brownfield site in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.
Lynne Markus, MA, Planner Principal State, Minnesota Dept. of Health, St. Paul, MN
Kristin Raab, MLA, MPH, Project Consultant, Minnesota Dept. of Health, St. Paul, MN and Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

1:00 – 2:30pm
Sustainability Leadership in the World of Environmental Health

The world cries out for conscious stewardship of natural, human and economic resources as we advance the goal of providing a healthful environment for all! Join in a lively multi-media exploration of holistic sustainability thinking and action. Discover an expanded orientation of leadership—one that leads to meaningful innovation and action in an increasingly complex world. Examine a holistic framework for analyzing issues and measuring progress. Roll up your sleeves and join us in becoming sustainability leaders!
Mary A. Ferdig, PhD, President/CEO, Sustainability Leadership Institute, Omaha, NE
Collaborator: W. Cecil Steward, President/CEO, Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities

3:00 – 3:50pm
Sustainability, Climate Change, and Public Health Impacts
Sandra Whitehead, PhD, Environmental Public Health Planner, Florida Dept. of Health, Tallahassee, FL
Lynne Markus, MA, Planner Principal State, Minnesota Dept. of Health, St. Paul, MN
Kristin Raab, MLA, MPH, Project Consultant, Minnesota Dept. of Health, St. Paul, MN
Mary A. Ferdig, PhD, President/CEO, Sustainability Leadership Institute, Middlebury, VT



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