Educational Program: Sunday, June 6

Friday, June 4  |  Saturday, June 5  |  Monday, June 7  |  Tuesday, June 8  | Wednesday, June 9  |  Thursday, June 10

10:00am-12noon   1:00-1:50pm 2:00-2:50pm 3:00-3:50pm 4:00-6:00pm 6:00-9:00pm
AEC & Exhibition Kick Off Breakfast & NEHA General Assembly
Hazardous Materials and Toxic Substances + Children's Environmental Health    Poisoned for Profit by Alice Shabecoff Developmentally Appropriate Toys are Essential to Child Development - The Toy Safety Certification Program will Make New Regulations Effective and Efficient by Ashlee Ackerman Assuring Environmental Health Hazards are Considered in Land Use and Community Design Decisions Awards Ceremony & Keynote Address 
 Exhibition Grand Opening & Party
Indian Health Services Track History of the Indian Health Service, Division of Environmental Health Services by Alan Dellapenna, Jr. Indian Health Service: Preventing, Mitigating, and the Remediation Air, Water, and Soil Contamination by Leisa Cook Sanitary Surveys on Tribal Lands: An Indian Health Service Model for Success by LT Katie Noonan Hubbard
Onsite Wastewater Systems + Water Pollution Graywater Applications by Joelle Wirth Return Flow to Groundwater from Onsite Wastewater Systems by Dennis McQuillan Pharmaceuticals and Organic Wastewater Compounds in Surface Water and Ground Water by Brian Katz
H1N1 Response Case Studies Organizing a Mass H1N1 Vaccination Clinic in a Large Suburban Community by Tom Crow Lessons Learned by CDC - One Year on From the H1N1 Outbreak by Toby Merlin Open Panel Discussion (3:00-3:30pm)
Food Safety and Protection Preparing for Agriculture Emergencies:  The Southwest Border Food Safety and Defense Center by Billy Dictson The Long-Term Health Outcomes of Selected Foodborne Pathogens by Patti Waller A Behind the Scenes Look – from Healthy Cattle to Safe Beef by Michelle Rossman
General Environmental Health EH Leaders Speakers Series  
Environmental Health Tracking and Informatics + Environmental Health Research Did Your Clients Click Today Using Your Hand Held Electronic Data Collection Devices? by Adenike Bitto (1:00-2:30pm) AIDS and Environmental Public Health Disparities Awareness (AEPHDA) Campaign (2:30-3:50pm)
Air Quality LL Is Green Building Healthy? Exploring Contradictions and Congruencies' by Michelle D. Kawamura   Home Assessment-How To: A Hands-on Course in Home Assessment using tools and techniques by Kevin Kennedy
   Student and Member Networking Lounge    
   REHS/RS Course
2:00pm - 5:00pm
HACCP Manager Certification
8:00am - noon
   HACCP Exam
1:00pm - 3:00pm

WHITE = Lecture Hall Session
YELLOW = Learning Lab Session
GREY = Event/Function
GREEN = Credential Course
BLUE = Professional Development Sessions

*Schedule is subject to change.



"The NEHA AEC & Exhibition is the place to be for influencing the future of the environmental health industry, advancing yourself as an environmental health professional, recognizing excellence within the profession, and connecting with your colleagues. The conference serves to advance the science, the practice, and the practitioner of environmental health by providing education and motivation through knowledge sharing and networking."

National Environmental Health Association, 720 S Colorado Blvd., Suite 1000-N, Denver, CO 80246-1926
Phone:  303.756.9090, Fax:  303.691.9490


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