Educational Program: Wednesday, June 9

Friday, June 4  |  Saturday, June 5  |  Sunday, June 6  |  Monday, June 7  |  Tuesday, June 8  |  Thursday, June 10

  8:30-9:20am 9:30-10:20am 10:30-11:20am  1:00-1:50pm 2:00-2:50pm 3:00-3:50pm 7:00-9:30pm
Food Safety and Protection NEHA Food Safety Updates CIFOR Guidelines – A Practical Approach for Foodborne Outbreak Response by Scott Holmes Columbus Public Health – 2009 Samuel J. Crumbine Consumer Protection Award Recipient by Christina Wilson Improving Food Safety by Revising National Standards – A Case Study by Ron Grimes National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Food Show in Indian Country – A Model for Food Safety Cooperation by Debra Grabowski Return on Investment in Food Safety Education for Professionals President's Banquet

Sustainability The Effects of Climate Change on Human Health and Society by Heather Foley Public Health’s Response to Climate Change in Florida by Sandra Whitehead Climate Change and Public Health: Improving Our Capacity to Adapt by Lynne Markus What is Sustainability? And What Does It Have To Do With Environmental Health? By Mary Ferdig (1:00-2:30pm) Round Table Discussion – Sustainability, Climate Change, and Public Health Impacts
Institutions and Schools Environmental Health The Aftermath of Repeal… Environmental Health Response to the Repeal of Jarod’s Law by Stephan Ruckman Best Practices –Cleaning and Disinfection in Schools, Guide for Minimization of Transmission of Infectious Diseases by Thomas Fuller Benefits of Recruiting and Hiring Graduates from Accredited Environmental Health Science Programs by Phillip Kneller Building a More Robust Pipeline for the Environmental Health Workforce through Experiential Learning by Steven Ward Environmental Health and the Veterans Association  by Donald Horning  Moving into the Future: Promoting Healthy School Environments in Indian Country by Margaret Simons
Drinking Water Quality Is it the Water? The Nuts and Bolts of Waterborne Illnesses and Investigations by Joyce Tuttle Hitchhikers in Our Lake! by J. Shannon Swann Waterborne Salmonella Outbreak in Alamosa, Colorado, March-April, 2008 by Sharon Williams Investigation of Ground Water Quality Related to a Gastrointestinal Outbreak, South Bass Island, Ohio by Rebecca Fugitt Regionalization of Water Systems: A Sustainability Option to Create Healthy Communities by Olga Morales If we take water availability for granted now, are we ready for the 2020s rude awakening? By Adenike Bitto
Air Quality/Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness Indoor Air Quality Assessments, Controls, Sampling and Communication During a Large Dental Center's Roofing Project by Brian E. Hroch Radon Leadership Initiative: An Approach to Improving Radon Risk Reduction Through Community Partnerships by Rebecca L. Reindel Mold and Moisture Solutions in Residential and Commercial Building Weatherization  by Sarany Singer Marketing Your Message – Getting H1N1 Information to the Priority Groups by Steve Tackitt Applied Public Health Teams of the US Public Health Service by CAPT Joe Maloney The Use of Environmental Public Health Strike Teams During the 2009 Kentucky Ice Storm by Christopher E. Smith
Onsite Wastewater Systems (SORA sessions - 10:15am-5:15pm)
Environmental Health Leadership Development  (8:00-9:20am) Cultivating Our Leaders of Tomorrow by Leanne Jeffers The Art of Rapport: Communication and Compliance in the First 90 Seconds by Steve Lipton How to Fund Environmental Health Programs When Traditional Revenue Sources Are Disappearing by Mel Knight  
Vector Control and Zoonotic Diseases Mosquitoes and Bed Bugs: Challenges and Opportunities in Integrated Pest Management  
Food Safety and Protection Preparation, Prevention and Mitigation: Updates from the FDA’s Food Defense Oversight Team by Jason Bashura (8.30-10:00am) Environmental Assessment of Foodborne Illness Outbreaks by Kristin Delea (10:00am-12:00noon)  
Certified Professional-Food Safety (CP-FS) Course (8:00am-5:00pm)
Healthy Homes Specialist (HHS) Course HHS exam (3:30-5:00pm)  

WHITE = Lecture Hall Session
YELLOW = Learning Lab Session
GREEN = Credential Course
GREY = Event/Function
BLUE = Professional Development Sessions

*Schedule is subject to change.



"The NEHA AEC & Exhibition is the place to be for influencing the future of the environmental health industry, advancing yourself as an environmental health professional, recognizing excellence within the profession, and connecting with your colleagues. The conference serves to advance the science, the practice, and the practitioner of environmental health by providing education and motivation through knowledge sharing and networking."

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