"Green" Initiatives for the NEHA 2010 AEC & Exhibition

As your professional organization on environmental health, NEHA continues to aggressively pursue ways in which to “green” our AEC & Exhibition. At the 2010 conference, we continued in this effort with the following initiatives:

Event Registration and On-Site Office
Green Initiatives
  • Increase online registration and email confirmations
  • Use eco-friendly name badge ribbons
  • Obtain a new name badge printer that prints one badge at a time to help reduce paper waste
  • Records of environmental efforts achieved On-Site will be kept
  • Staff and volunteers involved in the On-Site office will be made aware of the environmental policy
Event Marketing and Exhibition
  • Reduce the number of hard copy brochures sent to potential attendees by implementing an online promotional strategy, which will help cut waste produced by printing and mailing hard copies
  • Eliminate the production of the conference CD by offering these resources through a virtual platform instead
  • Improve on the "greening" of the exhibit hall by creating awareness and providing training to exhibitors about ways they can help reduce waste of many forms
  • Reduce the number of cars rented by conference attendees by promoting the various alternative transportation modes offered by the City of Albuquerque
Food and Beverage
  • NEHA has requested a copy of the hotel and convention center waste management plan
  • Leftover food to be used in the employee cafeteria or donated to a local charitable food distributor
  • A percentage of food for all meals to be prepared as vegetarian or vegan
  • NEHA has requested energy saving plans from both the hotel and the convention center
  • Condiments to be served in bulk containers when possible
  • Hand sanitizing stations to be available throughout the facilities
  • Recommend airlines that have green initiatives in place and opportunities for attendees to purchase carbon offsets
  • Recommend car rental companies that have green initiatives in place and opportunities for attendees to purchase carbon offsets
Past Efforts to “Green” the NEHA AEC & Exhibition
NEHA would also like to recognize our host, the City of Albuquerque, for their innovative and environmentally sustainable practices.  For more information on how the City is making AlbuquerqueGreen, please visit their website at: http://www.cabq.gov/albuquerquegreen.



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