Obtain a Return On Your Investment (ROI) When You Access NEHA's 2010 AEC & Exhibition

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For the first time, NEHA is orienting its conference along ROI principles. What does this mean to you and your organization?

It means that you will be able to return to your workplace after accessing the conference with the ability to implement program improvements and help create bottom line results for your organization. These results will more than pay for the investment made for you to attend the NEHA AEC & Exhibition. ROI objectives will be measured on four levels:

Level 1:  Reaction Level 2:  Learning Level 3:  Application Level 4:  Business Impact

Now let us show you how these four levels of measurement of ROI Objectives work in the following educational tracks offered at the conference:

  1. Overall Conference ROI
  2. Food Safety and Protection ROI
  3. Sustainability ROI
  4. Terrorism and All-Hazards Protection ROI

In order to successfully evaluate ROI, active participation from you – the attendee – is needed! To help you, NEHA has created the ROI Toolkit. To begin, please take 10 minutes to put your goals for the conference into the Goal Setting document and your anticipated costs and benefits into the ROI Calculator. This process will help you begin to identify what you need to learn about and accomplish at the conference to bring back and implement into your work that will help created program improvements and bottom line results for your organization.

By orienting the conference along ROI principles, NEHA is even more committed to providing conference attendees with an educational experience that will both advance the proficiency of the environmental health profession AND help create bottom line improvements for your organization!

Click here to view the ROI objectives for the overall AEC & Exhibition and the Food Safety and Protection, Sustainability, and Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness tracks.

**ROI Calculator is not available in Full ROI Toolkit Download

Note: ROI objectives are subject to change.



"The NEHA AEC & Exhibition is the place to be for influencing the future of the environmental health industry, advancing yourself as an environmental health professional, recognizing excellence within the profession, and connecting with your colleagues. The conference serves to advance the science, the practice, and the practitioner of environmental health by providing education and motivation through knowledge sharing and networking."

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