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72nd Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition

Tucson, Arizona, June 22–25, 2008




2008 Final Attendee List

Additional Educational Presentations

The attendee list and additional speaker presentations are password protected. Conference attendees can find this password in the LIST section of the CD given to them at registration.  

What's happening at the 2008 AEC & Exhibition?  Check out the educational session abstracts

Lecture Hall SPOTLIGHT 

Don't miss our 2008 AEC & Exhibition Keynote Session:  "A Discussion Within the Profession:  Who Are We and Who Do We Want To Be?"

This year's keynote will be unlike any that NEHA has ever presented.  We will feature a panel of highly-respected environmental health professionals who were specifically asked to participate on this panel by NEHA's president, Rob Blake.  They have been charged with engaging the audience on the topic of who are we and who do we want to be.

NEHA believes that this discussion within the profession is long overdue.  Currently, serious talk is taking place about the creation of a new Food Protection Agency (FPA) - in the mold of the EPA. It is crucial that NEHA facilitates this discussion now, before any action to create a new institutional structure for food safety is built.   

For more information about the Keynote Session and to contribute to the discussion, please visit our conference blog.

What's the 2008 AEC & Exhibition going to offer?  Check out the Radio NEHA interview with Kristen Kuhar, Education Coordinator, for some insight into plans for this year.  Kristen highlights the beautiful host resorts, Lecture Hall, Learning Laboratory and other exciting events!

Learning Laboratory SPOTLIGHT

Scared of those cameras and microphones? Well, let us help you with your fear! Environmental health professionals are in the news now more than ever. At this year’s AEC & Exhibition, we’ve put together some exciting, interactive Learning Laboratory sessions to help you overcome these fears and learn how to communicate with the media and public effectively.

First, check out “Putting Your Best Foot Forward: A Communications Exercise.” In this session, attendees will participate in several different exercises geared at preparing them to communicate to the media and public, especially in times of an emergency or a crisis. Discussions will focus on what makes news, how to develop key messages, and how to handle interviews.

After you learn how to communicate effectively, put your new-found knowledge to the test! “Inspector Idol” is a fun, interactive session that will teach you how to deal with reporters and the media spotlight. Participants will even get to face an on-camera interview where they’ll have the opportunity to practice their skills and be evaluated by a panel of experts! 

Finally, don’t miss “Inspector Idol Rewind,” a wrap-up of some of the best things attendees learned during the “Inspector Idol” sessions. With all the information, tools, and tips provided, attendees should be ready to go home and use their new-found skills in their day-to-day jobs! 

Continuing Education (CE) Credit:  Receive one contact hour of CE credit for every hour of educational sessions attended at NEHA's 2008 AEC & Exhibition. 

    We're all pilgrims on the same journey. 
But some pilgrims have a lot more fun getting there. 

- Anonymous

We don't know who that "Anonymous" guy is, but Garrison Enterprises will make sure you have fun on your journey between the two conference sites. Free shuttles will run frequently between the Lecture Hall and Learning Laboratory, and will function as an integral part of the 2008 AEC & Exhibition. 

And, you might even learn something! For example, sharpen your skills with the Inspector-Challenge -- a fast paced game designed around the FDA Food Code. 

All of the bus journeys will be different. You'll have a chance to take part in educational activities, enjoy refreshments, maybe watch a short video, and even win some prizes. 

Many thanks to Garrison Enterprises for making the transportation at the conference possible. 

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