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72nd Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition

Tucson, Arizona, June 22–25, 2008

NEW this year – the Exhibitor Education Forum (EEF)! In addition to the Exhibition, NEHA is excited to offer this new way for attendees and exhibitors to connect at the conference. The EEF is a place for attendees to participate in an educational session with exhibitors to learn about how these organizations can be a partner in environmental health efforts. (No sales presentations are allowed at the EEF!) Check out the exciting presentation teasers listed below under Exhibitors who have registered for the EEF, and make plans to participate!



Company Name  (Per contracts received by May 29, 2008)

Booth #

Advanced Drainage Systems T511
Alexeter Technologies P404
American Academy of Sanitarians (AAS) T604
American Public Health Association  
Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs  P318
Association of Professional Piercers P306
Association of Schools of Public Health

EEF:  Come learn about graduate studies at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health. The school is located in Atlanta, GA, referred to as the “Public Health Capital of the World,” ideal for hands-on research, collaborations with the world’s leading public health agencies, and interdisciplinary work with national and international organizations. A representative from the school’s Environmental and Occupational Health department will present both school-wide and department information and answer questions.

Ayres Associates T502
Bee Safe Systems

EEF:  Review of the testing involved in new product approval.  See the flow of hair through the BeeSafe System and the strength of the connections used to assure the system will prevent limb entrapment.  Feel the limited flow that could contribute to body entrapment.

Bio-Microbics, Inc T408
Bord Na Mona
EEF:  The True Cost of Sustainable On-site Treatment Systems. Over the last twenty years, a proliferation of new on-site treatment technologies has taken place. At the same time, many states have updated their regulations with more stringent requirements for on-lot systems. Because of these factors and a building boom, the on-site treatment system market has seen tremendous growth. The focus on treatment system selection has become centered on the upfront cost or "price" of the system. This presentation focuses on different costs that need to be analyzed when selecting a system including: upfront cost, operational cost, environmental cost and public health cost. All of these costs must be analyzed for the future sustainability of on-site systems.
Cartable Solutions Industries T602
Chemwatch  Table 2
Clearstream Wastewater Systems 
Columbia Southern University P105
Cool Tube, Inc T606
Cooper-Atkins Corporation  T503
CSA Intl 
EEF: Codes require equipment to meet recognized heath safety standards – what does this mean? What are these sanitation standards? What do these certifications mean?
Custom Data Processing 
EEF: Learn how to streamline field inspections (off-line) and reduce paperwork by transferring digital ink forms and digital handwriting directly to a web-based, .NET, database-centered environmental health Inspection Management System through the use Tablet PCs.


Decade Software 
EEF: Environmental Health agencies across the nation want to quickly see violation trends to plan public education efforts; share permit approvals with your Planning Department; notify the public of outbreaks; and instantly share chemical data and maps with emergency responders in the event of a hazardous materials incident. Come learn about the tools available that make these communication efforts possible.
Drain-Net  Table 1
East Carolina University
EEF:  Explanation of the Bachelor and Masters programs in Environmental Health including the new online MSEH option. 
Ecolab P414
Eljen Corp  P310
Environmental Health Testing T304-306
Environmental Public Health Tracking
EEF: CDC's National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network:  During this session, participants will learn about CDC's new National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network, which will be available this fall.
Food Handler  P418  T410
Forensic Analytical Laboratories, Inc P210
Garrison (Digital Health Dept.)  P412, 410, 311
Geoflow Inc  P301
Glo Germ Co  T302
Healthspace USA 
EEF:  Health organizations collect a lot of information.  Use this information to improve productivity and value for the tax payer.
Hoot Systems, LLC T510
Infiltrator Systems Inc T506
Interactive Occupational Training  T411
Intertek P203
Jet Inc 

EEF:  Jet will present an outline of the basic requirements for installing, servicing and maintaining Jet BAT® Media systems.  Also covered will be scientific principles of the fixed film and suspended growth treatment process, troubleshooting plants and disinfection systems.

Kairak  T500-601
LaMotte Company T603
Mars Air Door  Table 3
Michigan Center for PH Preparedness T409
EEF:  Creating a Food Safety Culture: Utilizing the Latest Technological Advancements in the Delivery of Food Safety Training.  Come see why MindLeaders and NEHA have partnered to provide the most comprehensive curriculum and advanced delivery mechanisms to ensure that all industry employees will have a consistent and easily accessible training program right in their restaurants.  No longer do you need to have an internet connection or drive to an offsite location to receive food safety training.  Utilizing the El-Box, a remote tablet PC, companies can now ensure that every employee in every location is receiving the proper food safety training for their positions.
National Association of County & City Health Officials T504
National Association of Local Boards of Health P315
National Center for Healthy Housing T508
National Environmental Health Association T508
National Environmental Services Center  P217
National Library of Medicine  P300
National Pesticide Information Center

EEF:  Conveying the right information can be difficult and time intensive, especially when you are discussing health concerns from exposure to chemicals. At the National Pesticide Information Center, we specialize in communicating pesticide issues to the public and professionals, including questions about health effects, minimizing exposure, regulation and environmental fate. We are a free resource that provides objective, science-based information in lay terms, in real-time and in multiple languages. NPIC is a cooperative effort between Oregon State University and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

National Restaurant Association Solutions
EEF: According to research done by National Restaurant Association Solutions,  the ultimate goal of increased food safety in an operation is achieved by improved training.  The training must be able to engage the student so that they will have greater comprehension of the presented content.  To engage the student and aid in comprehension, the proven method of Tell/Show/Do is used.  This method allows the student to both be immersed in the content and practice it.  Allowing students to practice what they learn while in the classroom will lead to better application of the content in the real world.  The ultimate goal of increased food safety is achieved since the students have achieved greater comprehension of the subject matter by being engaged in content through the ability to practice it while in the classroom.
National Swimming Pool Foundation
EEF:  This session will help attendees understand NSPF's educational programs, research programs and work to influence governments to improve environmental health standards.
EEF: NCEH/ATSDR Environmental Health WebMaps:  During this session, participants will view the latest release of the NCEH/ATSDR Enviornmental Health WebMaps application and become familiar with its newest features.
Nemco Food Equipment P204
NSF International 
EEF:  This presentation will describe how NSF/ANSI Standards are developed.  We will also discuss the most expedient way state and local departments can utilize a standard and interact with NSF after a standard is developed.
Orkin  P406
EEF: Presentation and discussion on the deficiencies of visual (comparator and titration) methods of pool and spa water analysis and how it relates to public safety.
Panasonic Computer Solutions Company P402
Paster Training, Inc
EEF: Paster Training, Inc. will educate attendees on the HACCP Star and the five star points that produce a successful HACCP system.
Pest West Environmental 
EEF: Even today, there are still many areas among developed nations, where housing conditions are substandard and pests continue to present a threat to human health. In resolving these problems, we must be fully aware of the need to protect the environment and non-target species, as well as making sure that consumer concerns about the toxicity of the products that we use are fully addressed. This presentation will consider not only the effects that the new problems are having on public health, but also what we need to do to resolve them and prove how responsible our industry can be in meeting these challenges. 
PolyJohn Enterprises
EEF: Portable Hand washing Equipment:  An Open Discussion.  This presentation will raise awareness of portable hand washing products that are available today, discuss where hand washing should be used vs. hand sanitizing, and learn about the portable hand washing station of the future.
Portable Sanitation Association International P117
Premier Food Safety
EEF: During this presentation, attendees will be presented with content that focuses on educating all employees with a fundamental knowledge of food safety and a discussion on the impact that this has on business as well as the benefits consumers receive as a result. 
Premier Tech Environment P206
Public Health Foundation Enterprises T611
Same Day Distributing Inc T404
San Jamar 
EEF:  Learn about the latest developments in food sanitation for restaurants using ozone technology. Learn how new innovations can provide operators with superior reduction of microorganisms, while extending shelf life without using dangerous chemicals.
Sani Sink
EEF:  Learn about portable hot water hand washing.
Sneezeguard Solution, Inc T310
ThermoWorks P115
Tundra Specialties
EEF:  Learn about new Infra Red Total Temperature Management procedures and techniques.
University of Findlay  P313
EEF:  A review of UL Services for Regulatory Authorities.
US EPA Indoor Environment Division P205
US EPA Memorandum of Understanding Partner Group P113
US EPA Office of Wastewater Management P214
US EPA Office of Water P207
US Navy Recruiting  P202
US Public Health Service P314
US Public Health Service EHOPAC P312
USDA Food Safety Inspection Service T605
Vac-Alert Industries

EEF:  Presentation includes a discussion of suction entrapment history, causes and effects, and how we can stop these terrible occurrences utilizing the Consumer Product Safety Commission's "Layers of Protection".  ICC, IBC, and IRC compliance, building a safe suction outlet system and compliance with teh Virginia Baker Safety Act for existing pool/spa facilities will also be examined.

Waterloo Biofilter Systems, Inc
EEF: Re-thinking hydraulic flow in septic tanks and comparing the performance of prescribed septic tanks to long, narrow, flooded designs.


(T=Turquoise Ballroom; P=Presidio Ballroom)


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