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72nd Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition

Tucson, Arizona, June 22–25, 2008


NEHA believes that protecting our natural environment is critical to the health and prosperity of our communities and country.

NEHA Initiatives

  • NEHA has added an educational track for sustainability at the 2008 conference

  • NEHA will present the first-ever Award for Excellence in Sustainability

  • On-line registration available, which saves paper

  • Attendees will be able to purchase carbon offsets at the conference.  The dollars will be given to Terrapass to fund clean energy and other projects to help reduce carbon emissions.

  • Local, organic food served as much as possible

  • Reduce the amount of paper used, including handouts and conference materials

  • Recycling and re-use efforts

  • Conference bags made from natural and bio-degradable materials.  These bags are perfect for re-use after the conference.  Use the bag whey you go grocery shopping, as a lunch tote or workout bag, or to carry around items for work.  There are so many uses!  Thank you to NSF for their sponsorship of the conference bag.

Did you know…

Tucson encourages environmentally friendly practices and houses 3 of the approximately 100 cohousing communities in the US.  A cohousing community emphasizes an environmental ethic embodied through alternative and low-emissions construction practices, water and energy efficiency, limited or no use of pesticides, and open space preservation.


The Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort Initiatives

  • Compact fluorescents used in all guest rooms

  • Office paper and all cardboard are recycled

  • Old paint given to charities for re-use

  • Tennis ball cans recycled during tournaments (up to 480 cans per event)

The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa Initiatives

  • Preserved 80% of the over 8,000 mature Sagaro cacti that occupy the property

  • Golf course uses effluent water

  • Cardboard, newspapers, aluminum, glass, and office paper are recycled

  • Uses only EPA certified green cleaning products in cleaning guest rooms



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