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2008 AEC & Exhibition Speaker Presentations

***Over 900 pages of information from 28 presentations and 3 posters.***

The following presentations were not available on the 2008 AEC & Exhibition CD
or are updated versions. 

Please note that download speed may vary depending on your connection and file size. Files are password protected. The password is located in the “Lists” section of the conference CD.

Children’s Environmental Health
Drinking Water Quality
Environmental Health Leadership Development
Food Safety and Protection
General Environmental Health
Injury Prevention/Occupational Health
Learning Laboratory
Onsite Wastewater Systems
Swimming Pools/Recreational Waters
Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness
Uniformed Services
For those not able to attend the conference, the conference CD can be purchased for $20 members/$30 nonmembers. Purchasing the conference CD gives you access to all the information it contains, as well as the password to access the presentations posted below.

Children’s Environmental Health

The Effect of Green Rehabilitation of Low-Income Housing on Children’s Environmental Health: Recent Findings from Minnesota
Susan Aceti
Program Manager, National Center for Healthy Housing, MD

Lead Poisoning Creates Failing Schools and Many Other Social Problems You Never Suspected
Michael T. Martin

Research Analyst, Arizona School Boards Association, AZ

Drinking Water Quality

CDC’s Environmental Health Specialists Network (EHS-Net) Water Project
Vince Radke, MPH, REHS, CP-FS, DAAS

Sanitarian, CDC, GA

The Role of State Public Health in the Water Sector
PowerPoint Presentation
Ensuring Health Communities: Results of the 2006 State Environmental Health Directors Survey 
Sarah Neiderer

Policy Analyst, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, VA

EPA’s Total Coliform Rule for Drinking Water: A Report on Proposed Revisions and Effective Compliance Implementation Tools Utilized by the Minnesota Department of Health
Implementation of the Total Coliform Rule in Minnesota: Achieving Compliance through Cooperation  
Christine C. Oliver, RS
Compliance Officer – Public Health Sanitarian II, Minnesota Dept. of Health, MN

EPA’s Total Coliform Rule/Distribution System Federal Advisory Committee 
Robert G. Vincent, RS, MPA
Appointee, EPA TCR Federal Advisory Committee and Environmental Administrator, Florida Dept. of Health, FL

Environmental Health Leadership Development

Distinguished Leaders in Environmental Health 
Dogs Don’t Bark at Parked Cars: Leadership Midst the Din
Larry Gordon, MS, MPH, DHL

Sanitarian, NM 

Enhancing Services by Applying the Environmental Public Health Performance Standards: Experiences from the Field
Environmental Public Health Performance
LCDR Celeste L. Davis, MPH, REHS

Director of Environmental Health Services, USPHS, IHS, NM

Food Safety and Protection

Overview of the Food Safety System in China
Joint Progress Statement Regarding the Five-Year Work Plan Under the Agreement on the Safety of Food and Feed
John W. Jones, PhD

Consultant, International Food Safety and Trade Issues, Food Safety Consulting Services International, LLC, MD

Options for Controlling Norovirus from Farm-to-Fork in Ready-to-Eat-Food
CAPT Wendy Fanaselle, MS, RS, DAAS

Risk Assessment Project Manager, USPHS, CFSAN/FDA, MD

Description of the Hotel Food Safety System and How It Compares with HACCP Standards
Stephanie Fletcher, MPH

Regional Food Safety Coordinator, North East Regional Health Authority, Jamaica

General Environmental Health

Bridging the Gap—Agency, Industry, and the Public
Jeff Lang, MS

Environmental Health Supervisor, Lane County Oregon Environmental Health, OR

Stepping Stones to a Healthy Home—Developing an Effective Resource Manual 
Hector S. Dela Cruz, MS, REHS

Chief Environmental Health Specialist, Los Angeles County Environmental Health, CA

Injury Prevention/Occupational Health

The IHS Environmental Health Role in Injury Prevention 
LCDR Robert Morones

Western Arizona District Injury Prevention Specialist, USPHS, Phoenix Area Indian Health Service, AZ
CDR Kenny Hicks, RS, MPH
Area Injury Prevention Specialist, USPHS, Phoenix Area Indian Health Service, AZ

Emerging Health and Safety Issues in Today’s Workplace
Michelle Glover-Brown, MPH, RS

Environmental Health & Safety Officer, State University of New York College at Old Westbury, NY

Learning Laboratory

EH Blogging 101
Steven J. Lipton, MEd, LEHP, CP-FS

President, Biotest Services Inc., IL

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: A Communications Exercise
Jana L. Telfer, MA

Associate Director for Communication Science, NCEH/ATSDR/CDC, GA

Small Wares: How to Tell a Memorable Story 
Steven J. Lipton, MEd, LEHP, CP-FS

President, Biotest Services Inc., IL

Pecha Kucha: A Different Presentation Format—Experiment #1
Circulatory Physiology Altered by Pulmonary Exposure to Zinc, a Component of Air Pollution
Adriana J. LaGier, PhD

R-Authority Post-Doctoral Fellow, EPA, NC

Helping Communities Combat Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories: A Hands-On Exercise
Eleanor Dixon-Terry, MPH, CHES

Assistant Executive Director, Society for Public Health Education, Washington, DC

Onsite Wastewater Systems

EPA Update: The Latest from the Office of Wastewater Management
Joyce Hudson

Environmental Engineer, Decentralized Program Manager, EPA, Washington, DC

Swimming Pools/Recreational Waters

Toolbox Approach to Identify Bacteria Sources in Lake Wheeler, Wake County, NC
Robert L. Richardson, RS, REHS

EHS Team Leader, Wake County Dept. of Environmental Services, NC

Poster Session

Acute Effects on Cardiovascular Physiology Upon Intratracheal Instillation of Zinc, a Component of Ambient Particulate Matter
Adriana J. LaGier, PhD

R-Authority Post-Doctoral Fellow, EPA, NC

Certified Kitchen Managers: Do They Improve Restaurant Inspection Outcomes?
Michael Anthony Penne, MPH

Research Statistician, RTI International, NC

The Coming Storm
Juanette Willis

Arbovirus Coordinator, DeKalb County Board of Health, GA

Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness

The Emergency Public Health Education Network: Linking Health Promotion Specialists for Emergency Response
Eleanor Dixon-Terry, MPH, CHES

Assistant Executive Director, Society for Public Health Education, Washington, DC

Climate Change Impacts on Human Health and Welfare in the United States: The Need for Preparedness Planning
PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation References 
Colleen E. Reid, MPH

ASPH Environmental Health Fellow, EPA, Washington, DC

Enhancing Awareness and Preparation for Environmental Health in Times of Emergency Response and Homeland Security
Sharron LaFollette, PhD

Public Health Dept. Chair, University of Illinois at Springfield, IL

Environmental Health Profession All-Hazards Needs and Challenges—Statistical Results of the 2007 Joint NEHA and Michigan State University National Survey
Omar K. Helferich, PhD, MS

Professor, Central Michigan University, MI
Doug Voss, PhD
Professor of Business and Supply Chain, University of Central Arkansas, AR
John E. Griggs, PhD
Managing Director, Griggs & Associates LLC, MI

Uniformed Services

Bottlewater to the Scuttlebutt: Navy Preventive Medicine Surveillance
Robert Odette, RS, DAAS, MSPH

Senior Sanitarian, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Navy & Marine Corps Public Health Center, VA

Advancing Health Diplomacy Through Environmental Health: Deployment to the Peleliu Pacific Partnership, June–September 2007 
LCDR Stephen R. Piontkowski, MSEH, REHS

Service Unit Environmental Health Officer, USPHS, IHS, AZ
CDR Dale M. Bates, MPH, REHS, CHTP
Senior Public Health Analyst, USPHS, HRSA/Office of Performance Review, WA





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