Journal of Environmental Health 2013 Abstracts - page 17

Direct From CDC: EHS-Net Restaurant Food Safety Studies: What Have We
Laura Green Brown
CDC’s Environmental Health Specialists Network (EHS-Net) is a collaborative
network focused on understanding factors that contribute to foodborne illness and
improving environmental public health practice. Over the past several years, EHS-Net
has conducted a number of studies on restaurant food safety. This month’s column covers
some of the trends concerning factors related to safer food preparation in areas such as
food worker and manager food safety training and experience, restaurant and food worker
busyness, and restaurant ownership.
Demystifying the Future: City of the Future: Part Two
Thomas Frey
In this second part, Frey continues to discuss features that might be included
within the cities of the future. These include building culture through the novel concepts
of tournament centers, participatory parks, and live music plans.
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