Journal of Environmental Health 2014 Abstracts - page 40

practice of the profession. In this guest commentary, the author shares his experience as a
pracademic and makes the case to readers to consider becoming an environmental health
Direct From ATSDR: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry’s Don’t
Mess With Mercury Initiative
Michelle Watters, MPH, MD, PhD
Jamie Rayman, MPH
Mercury has long been recognized by the public health community as an
environmental and occupational health hazard. ATSDR’s initiative, Don’t Mess With
Mercury (DMWM), is aimed at preventing exposure of elemental mercury spills. This
month’s column briefly covers the routes and risks of elemental mercury exposure and
describes the DMWM initiative.
Direct From CDC/EHSB: Impact of Budget Cuts to Environmental Health Services
at Local Health Departments
Jennifer Li, MHS
Andrew Elligers, MA, JD
In light of the recent economic recession and to understand the changes to
environmental health funding and the impacts of these changes on the environmental
health workforce and services, the National Association of County and City Health
Officials surveyed a nationally representative sample of local health departments in
March and April 2012. This month’s column covers key findings from the survey in the
categories of 1) changes in environmental health revenue, 2) impact on environmental
health workforce, 3) reduction and elimination of environmental health services, 4)
environmental health service outcomes, 5) moving forward.
Demystifying the Future: Passing the Fortune Cookie Test
Thomas Frey
The mundane act of going to lunch at a local Chinese restaurant and receiving the
standard fortune cookie with the bill inspired Frey to wonder if it would be possible to
create a real fortune in the future for the recipient and get that into the cookie before the
bill is delivered. This column will look at how this could be possible and provides eight
interesting examples of what these fortunes might look like.
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