Journal of Environmental Health 2014 Abstracts - page 52

rates, diversity, retention, and online degree programs and courses are discussed. Finally,
input on how to support these accredited programs is shared.
Direct From ATSDR: Assessment of Chemical Exposures: Epidemiologic
Investigations After Large-Scale Chemical Releases
CDR May Anne Duncan, MPH, DVM, Dipl. ACVPM
ATSDR’s Assessment of Chemical Exposures (ACE) program is available to help
public health agencies respond to acute chemical releases. This month’s column provides
a history of the program. It also discusses the three focus areas of the ACE program: 1)
assisting state, tribal, regional, and local health departments to perform epidemiologic
assessments after large chemical incidents; 2) maintaining a toolkit of customizable
surveys, databases, and other resources that can be used for epidemiologic assessments
after chemical incidents and preparedness planning; and 3) instructing public health
personnel in performing epidemiologic assessments after chemical incidents at ACE
training courses, workshops, and conferences.
Direct From CDC/EHSB: Tools to Improve Raw Chicken Handling at Restaurants:
Report From San Mateo County, California
Emmy S. Myszka, MPH, REHS
This month’s installment provides an overview of San Mateo County’s program
to reduce the number of
infections associated with restaurant. The
program, called Campy Training Kit, is described in detail and an evaluation of its
effectiveness is provided.
Demystifying the Future: Betting on Your Future Self
Thomas Frey
This month’s column talks about how our lives change from moment to moment
and ponders what advice you would give to the person you were five years ago, as well as
discusses investing in your future self and the different ways to calculate your personal
return on investment.
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