Journal of Environmental Health 2014 Abstracts - page 6

treatment. Two sites, however—one in an area of centralized wastewater treatment
apparently near a suspected sewer line leak, and the second in an area of onsite
wastewater treatment—showed effects of wastewater. Organic wastewater compounds
were detected more frequently in samples from these two sites than from the other sites.
Optical brighteners levels were correlated (
= .88) with the number of organic
wastewater and pharmaceutical compounds detected at the residential sites and could
potentially serve as a screening method to assess wastewater effects on small streams.
Fate and Transport of Phosphate From an Onsite Wastewater System in Beaufort
County, North Carolina
Charles Humphrey, MS, PhD, REHS,
Department of Environmental Health Sciences
East Carolina University
Mike O’Driscoll, MS, PhD,
Department of Geological Sciences
East Carolina
Nancy Deal, MS, REHS,