There has always been a need and expectation that NEHA would serve as a voice for environmental health professionals on many policy, regulatory and legislative issues confronting this profession. Information is provided about all of the ways that NEHA works for all environmental health professionals!

With the growth of NEHA and the ever-increasing complexity of environmental health issues, the NEHA Board of Directors made a commitment to establish a Government Affairs program. The program provides a single organizational unit to identify and research issues. In close cooperation with NEHA’s board, the Government Affairs program serves as the mechanism for NEHA to take positions on policy and legislative issues. Furthermore, it establishes and maintains the critical relationships with federal agencies, other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the many coalitions, initiatives and work groups that carry out this important work. 



Proposed Zika Legislation

One of NEHA's top priorities is ensuring that our nation takes the steps necessary to protect pregnant women and their infants against Zika.
The White House has heard from states, localities, and advocates that Zika funding is needed quickly.  
This week (April 4) the President released $580 million of global Ebola funding to be used for domestic Zika response. 
This is a vital step to protect pregnant women and their infants, and this funding will enable states to do some of what is necessary.

However, it’s only a temporary measure since reprogrammed funds are expected to last into the summer, but not beyond that.  
Furthermore these funds represent only a fraction of what experts have estimated is necessary this year to mount an effective Zika response.
Congress must provide additional Zika funding by late summer.

We promise to keep our members informed as additional developments occur, and we will reach out via an action alert to enlist your help at the appropriate time.


Action Alert: Proposed Water Legislation

As environmental health professionals, we know that environmental health is profoundly local. That’s why we need targeted investments in Environmental Health programs to prevent lead poisoning, legionella disease, and many other devastating water borne health issues.

Senator Stabenow understand’s this problem and has introduced with many of her colleagues (Inhofe, Peters, Portman, Brown, Kirk, Durbin, Burr, Reed, Boxer, Mikulski, Capito and Baldwin) a bipartisan bill that invests in CDC/HRSA/ATSDR public health programs.  

Negotiations are continuing  behind the scenes, but no movement yet. Keep the calls and letters going they are working! We can't do it this alone.

Please take a moment to send the letter below to your Senator today.  



2015 Enacted State Environmental Health Legislation 

At the end of 2015, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) identified 1,809 bills related to environmental health. 

Learn more about state Legislation