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NEHA Elections

NEHA’s Election Process

NEHA knows that elections are a critical part of the democratic process and are one way in which members have a voice in the running of their organization. NEHA voting members have an opportunity to vote for candidates of a contested Board of Directors’ office. Boards of Directors’ Officers serve a one-year term and Regional Vice Presidents serve a three-year term. In addition, voting members have the opportunity to decide on language changes to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.


NEHA General Election 2015 – Results


Summary of Critical Dates:

Date: Details:
December 1 Completed nomination forms due in NEHA office for all Regional Vice President (RVP) Candidates who wish to be considered for expiring RVP terms of current year.
February 15 Deadline to become a NEHA member for voting consideration for current year. Four classes of membership with voting privileges: Regular, Sustaining, Institutional, and Life.
March 1 Election ballots mailed (or electronically activated)
March 31 Election ballots must be received at NEHA office (or electronically deactivated)
  If March 1 or March 31 falls on a weekend, the respective actions will occur on the next business day.
May 1 Completed nomination forms due in NEHA office for all Second Vice President Candidates in the year prior that the candidate is being considered for nomination. Completed nominations will still be accepted from the floor of the General Assembly at the NEHA Annual Conference (AEC) & Exhibition.


Frequently Asked Questions (click on a question to see the answer):

Q? Who is eligible to vote?

Q? How is voting eligibility determined?

Q? When do the elections for the NEHA Board of Directors’ Officers and Regional Vice Presidents occur?

Q? What are the candidate requirements for the Second Vice President office?

Q? What are the candidate requirements for a Regional Vice President office?

Q? What are the states represented by each Regional Vice President?

Q? When will newly elected officers and RVPs officially take office?

Q? How are the ballots counted?

Q? What happens if there is a tie for one of the offices?

Q? What if I have additional questions or concerns?


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