NEHA Sabbatical Exchange Program

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Applications must be received by March 1 of each year.  Send one (1) original and five (5) copies to:
  NEHA Sabbatical Exchange Program
National Environmental Health Association
720 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 1000-N
Denver, CO 80246-1926

To be complete, your application package must include:

  1. A letter from the applicant's employer that clearly indicates that the applicant enjoys the employer's support for this four-week sabbatical experience. No candidate will be considered without this commitment from the employer. It is important to the program that the individual selected have the opportunity to return to his or her position and apply the knowledge, insights and experience gained as a result of the sabbatical experience.
  2. Assurance that the sabbatical will be taken sometime between August 1 and June 1.
  3. If selected, assurance that the applicant will attend the upcoming Annual Educational Conference to personally accept the sabbatical award and make plans to present a paper at the subsequent AEC. (Expenses are not covered).
  4. Assurance, in the form of a statement from the applicant, that commits him or her to a personal interview if selected as a finalist. The interview would likely take place in Denver, Colorado (NEHA Headquarters) or Chicago, IL (UL) . Expenses for the interview are not covered as a part of the program.
  5. Assurance, in the form of a commitment, that the applicant will honor the only requirement of the program, which is that he or she must prepare and submit to NEHA a written report on the experience within three (3) months of the sabbatical for possible publication in the Journal of Environmental Health.
  6. Assurance that the sabbatical winner will serve as a resource for the English or Canadian ambassador planning a sabbatical in the United States.
  7. A completed curriculum vitae.
  8. An essay of not less than 2,000 words that address the specific subject area of interest to the applicant. It should offer a discussion on the particular aspects of the subject area in which the applicant is interested, why, and what the applicant hopes to learn through the sabbatical experience. You should also include how this information will be shared, and what other environmental health professionals can learn from your experience.
  9. Also included should be materials such as support letters, references, etc. that would enhance the application.
  10. Assurance that you will attend a future AEC at your own expense if asked to present a paper on your study and your findings.
  11. Six copies of your applicant packet.

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