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NEHA Professional Advisor Program

MeetingThe field of environmental health continues to become increasingly complex and diverse, which can make it a challenge for you and your organization to keep up with the advancement of the industry.

You need to stay ahead of it!

To assist, NEHA has developed the Professional Advisor Program – a collaborative network of the most forward thinking, recognized field experts in the Environmental Health profession.

Those that attend the Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition will recognize many of the experts from the educational sessions, keynote presentations and recognition events at the coveted gathering.

Advisor on the phoneOne on One

The experts agree that to help you succeed in today’s world of exponential changes, you need to obtain the truest, most current knowledge available. These environmental health leaders will make the time to give you their knowledge.

And its One on One.

Just you and them. You ask, they answer. They ask, you answer.


Consultation in:

Food Safety and Protection
General Environmental Health
Hazardous Materials and Toxic Substances
Indoor Air Quality
Swimming Pools/Recreational Waters
Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness
Vector Control and Zoonotic Diseases
Water Quality
Pricing and Questions
In alignment with NEHA’s mission to advance the environmental health profession, pricing is designed to make the program accessible to everyone. To set up an advisor program designed around your needs, contact Rance Baker in the Entrepreneurial Zone at NEHA, 303.324.1161x306,



MJR Freda Bredy, PMP, EI

Sanitary Engineer, US Army Reserve, 7233rd MSU

Areas of Specialization: Information technology, project management, food service sanitation, drinking water quality, swimming pool water quality

Will meet in person if in vicinity: Yes





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