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Certified Environmental Health Technician (CEHT)

What is a CEHT Credential?

Exam and Application


Exam and Application

Exam Description and Content Outline

There are 100 questions on the exam.  All questions are written in multiple-choice format. You will have three (3) hours to complete this exam.  In addition, the CEHT exam is based on the following content areas.

1. Food


2. Vector and Pest Control


3. Occupational Health/Hazardous Exposure

4. Water                   

5. Housing/Shelter-Environment     

6. Toxicology 8%
7. Air Pollution 7%
8. Solid Waste

9. Waste Water 7%

The examination draws from state-of-the-art information as well as traditional subject areas. The questions are designed at the associate degree level of experience and will test your competency at the two-year college level. There are no trick questions.  All questions, including math problems, were selected to be as practical as possible.

Recommended Study References

Below is a complete list of recommended study references.  Be aware that these materials may NOT contain all of the general knowledge necessary within each content area.  Most of these publications are available from NEHA through the NEHA online Bookstore.




Certified Environmental Health Technician (CEHT) Application (PDF)

Completing the Application
Applications must be completed and returned to NEHA for review at least 4-6 weeks prior to the exam date for processing.

A complete application should include:

    Completed NEHA Application. Official College, military or high school transcripts.  To be considered an official transcript it should be received at the NEHA office in the sealed envelope from the schools Registrar’s Office/Transcript Office. It can be sent directly from the school to NEHA or submitted with the application in the sealed envelope. Work Experience Verification Form signed by a third party (if applying on Track “B”). Appropriate fees. Third party review (applicable for foreign education).


Transcript Review

U.S. Candidates can request NEHA to review their transcripts for eligibility separate of the application procedure for a $50 fee.

Transcript Review Request Form  (PDF)


Exam Fees

All fees should accompany the NEHA Application.

Fees Member Rate Non-Member Rate
Application fees $50.00  $85.00
Examination fees $125.00 $225.00
Pearson VUE fee $100.00 $100.00


Exam Location

Locate a NEHA exam at a Pearson VUE testing center near you.



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