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REHS/RS Open Window Reciprocity FAQs: Ohio and West Virginia

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  • Q: Why should I apply for Open Window Reciprocity through NEHA? Is it required? Is it worth it?
  • Q: Is the NEHA REHS/RS credential recognized in all 50 states?
  • Q: Why is it called the REHS/RS?
  • Q: I am a Sanitarian in Training (SIT) and I have not yet taken the exam. Do I qualify?

NEHA Membership and NEHA Credentials

Application and Application Processing

  • Q: Can I fax my Open Window Reciprocity application to NEHA?
  • Q: I lost my application and letter. Can I get another one? OR I never received an application and letter.
    Why not?
  • Q: I lost my state registration card. What do I do?
  • Q: Can I notarize my own application?
  • Q: How long will it take to get my NEHA REHS/RS credential?
  • Q: My payment cleared. Why don’t I have my NEHA credential soon after that?
  • Q: When is the deadline to apply?

REHS/RS Renewal Fees and Requirements

  • Q: When does the credential expire and how much does it cost to renew it?
  • Q: How will I be notified of my credential expiration?

Continuing Education (CE’s)

Q: Who do I contact if I still have more questions?

A: Send an e-mail to Please indicate your STATE and mention OPEN WINDOW RECIPROCITY in your e-mail.

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