Environmental Justice

Reducing Environmental Health Disparities through Adult Education

Health literacy has been identified as an overlooked factor explaining racial and ethnic disparities in asthma. With more than 40% of U.S. adults lacking basic literacy skills, reaching and engaging adults with low literacy skills presents an important opportunity to promote environmental health education among high risk populations. Participants will learn to form successful collaborations with adult education programs that offer a powerful and untapped resource to deliver environmental health information and support learner actions to reduce exposures.

Environmental Safety and Health: Training to Address Occupational Disparities and Environmental Justice

The idea of redeveloping brownfields is not a new one, but linking this to occupational health disparities and community access to jobs is. The NIEHS Minority Worker Training Program (MWTP) holistically addresses one of the most significant problems with urban unemployment--workers lacking crucial technical job skills and experience, who are most vulnerable to occupational exposures and often lack access to healthcare. Find out how this program is making a difference in health disparities and environmental justice—AND the economy.

Presented at NEHA 2015 AEC