Air Quality

Pesticide Usage and Dust Concentrations of Asthmatic Children Living in Subsidized Housing

The omnipresence of legal and illegal pesticides still impact the lives of children living in low-income subsidized housing and may significantly impact asthma-related pediatric health. This study aimed to characterize the presence of pesticides, this potential health link, and policy implications for pest control and healthy communities in multifamily dwellings.

Making it Work: Healthy Homes Facilitated Discussion

The Healthy Homes & Communities track presenters will assemble as a panel in this session to tie all the learning of the day together. They will discuss how to integrate and apply Healthy Homes concepts such as: National Healthy Housing Strategy, Healthy Homes Rating System, models of Program Management, the Affordable Care Act, and finding novel partnerships and sources of funding. They will draw from their shared experiences and the audience's to answer your questions and help you develop strategies to apply and take actions to help you overcome the barriers you are facing.

Indoor Environmental Quality Complaints to State Health Departments: The Unrecognized Challenge

State health agencies often respond to requests for assistance from businesses, schools, the general public, and government agencies on a variety of issues related to poor indoor environmental quality (IEQ), often in the absence of authority and resources. During this session, we will discuss the implications and need for authority, federal and state resources available, and strategies for state and local health departments to partner with other entities to respond to IEQ complaints.