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NEHA is an active, long-standing member of The Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response (CIFOR), which is a multidisciplinary collaboration of national associations and federal agencies working together since 2006 to improve methods to detect, investigate, control and prevent foodborne disease outbreaks. Council member representatives include expertise in epidemiology, environmental health, public health laboratory activities and food regulation at the local, state and federal levels.

Many organizations work to reduce foodborne illness. Outbreak identification and investigation is a key area where multidisciplinary public health professionals must collaborate. CIFOR was created to develop and share guidelines, processes, and products that will facilitate effective foodborne outbreak response.

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CIFOR Toolkit for the Guidelines for Foodborne Disease Outbreak Response

CIFOR Guidelines

The Second Edition of the CIFOR Toolkit for the Guidelines for Foodborne Disease Outbreak Response is now available. The Second Edition of the Toolkit has been developed to aid in the implementation of the second edition of the Guidelines for Foodborne Disease Outbreak Response,which was released in 2014. The Toolkit is intended to further the ability of state and local health departments to understand the contents of the Guidelines, to conduct a self-assessment of their outbreak detection and investigation procedures, and to implement appropriate recommendations from the nine chapters in the Guidelines.

The Toolkit walks public health practitioners through a series of worksheets divided into eleven “Focus Areas”. The Focus Areas are designed to help jurisdictions identify recommendations from the Guidelines that would be most useful for their jurisdiction. The Toolkit covers the most critical elements of outbreak response, guiding users through a range of activities, including: describing current activities and procedures, prioritizing CIFOR Guidelines recommendations to address needed improvements, and finally, making plans to implement the selected recommendations. 

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CIFOR’s Foodborne Illness Response Guidelines for Owners, Operators and Managers of Food Establishments (CIFOR Industry Guidelines)

Another foodborne illness outbreak response resource is now available, the CIFOR Industry Guidelines. The guidelines were developed as voluntary guidance for owners, operators, and managers of retail food establishments (“Industry”) to help outline, clarify, and explain Industry’s recommended role in a foodborne illness outbreak investigation. By using the CIFOR Industry Guidelines and its tools, Industry can take an active and educated role in outbreak response and investigation thereby reducing negative health impact to the public and negative economic impact to their businesses.


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