Food Safety

Building a Fully Integrated Food Safety System (IFSS) through Partnership for Food Protection (PFP)

The "Policy for an Integrated Food Safety System" educational track is designed to focus on active implementation progress of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) from the national level to the local level. This kickoff session begins with Michael Taylor, JD, FDA's Deputy Commissioner for Foods giving an update on where the FDA is on objectives of FSMA.

Applying a Behavior Change Model Proven to be Effective in Child Care Settings

This presentation introduces the model behavior change strategy used to reduce the number of illnesses and days missed by both staff and children in child care centers. Hear how an FDA Retail Food Safety grant was used to increase Active Managerial Controls implementation for the BIG 5 risk factors for foodborne illness. Lessons learned and results of the first full year of Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department's Retail Food Safety Consultant program will be shared.

A Review of Food Safety Practices, Regulations, and Challenges in Lima, Peru

This presentation shares results of research conducted in various restaurants and markets of Lima, Peru. It describes the food safety regulation and inspection system in use and identifies some of the major variables and food safety risk factors at play. A brief comparison to the U.S. FDA Food Code is made, providing a discussion on possible approaches to remediation.