Food Safety

FDA's Oral Culture Learner Project: Helping Food Employees Understand the Importance of Food Safety

What we have here is a failure to communicate! Use this session to obtain insights as to why the retail food regulatory inspection process may not be as effective as it could be. Learn how to tailor your communication techniques to make a connection with food worker that will result in positive behavioral change.

Chemical-Free Cleaning and Sanitizing in Retail Food Establishments

The movement and requirements for Green cleaning has sparked innovation in retail food sanitation. New chemical-free cleaning and sanitizing systems are being used in selected food establishments with surprising results. Several of these innovative systems are listed with NSF under new and rigorous Protocols and meet current standards. Several of these extreme Green technologies will be highlighted and contrasted. Attendees will evaluate these solutions against standards and leave with a knowledge of current cleaning innovations.


Presented at NEHA 2015 AEC

Building a Fully Integrated Food Safety System (IFSS) through Partnership for Food Protection (PFP)

The "Policy for an Integrated Food Safety System" educational track is designed to focus on active implementation progress of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) from the national level to the local level. This kickoff session begins with Michael Taylor, JD, FDA's Deputy Commissioner for Foods giving an update on where the FDA is on objectives of FSMA.