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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for a free job posting?
How much do paid job postings cost?
What are the formatting requirements?
When will my announcement be posted?
What if I have questions?


Do I qualify for a FREE job posting?

All city, county, or state health departments that employ National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) members, as well as all NEHA Sustaining and Educational members, receive the 1st job posting FREE as a benefit of NEHA membership. This benefit renews each year with your membership renewal.  Job listings will remain posted for 30 days unless an earlier closing date is specified, with the option to renew the posting up to 5 times.  Extend this posting past six months with a 20% discount off the standard rate of $1/word per 30-day posting period.


Receive discounts on ADDITIONAL job postings!
Members receive a 20% discount on each additional posting at the standard rate of $1/word for one 30-day posting period if the request is made within the same calendar year.



How much do paid job postings cost?
  • Job announcements are $1/word for one 30-day posting period for those who do not qualify for a free listing. 


  • Post your announcement online for a flat rate of ONLY $25 when you also place your job announcement in the Journal of Environmental Health. For more information, contact Soni Fink, NEHA Strategic Sales Coordinator, at 303.756.9090 x 314 or via email at:

Acceptance Mark


What are the formatting requirements?
  • Submit your information online in our easy to complete online form. 

  • Alternately, you can e-mail your submissions as a plain text or MS Word file. (See Sample)

  • If you are sending your Job Posting information via e-mail, please be sure to include the following:

    • Application Deadline

    • Location

    • Salary Range

    • How to Apply

    • EOE statement

  • We will also be happy to include your company logo with the job posting; placement is dependent on space and formatting restrictions. 

  • Submit your logo using the following requirements:

    • as a file saved as a GIF or JPEG file

    • pixel size maximum: 155 width x 70 height OR 70 width x 110 height

    • file size no larger than 50 Kbs


When will my announcement be posted?

Job announcements will be posted within 72 hours (*excluding weekends and holidays) of receipt of complete job announcement or signed job posting agreement (for paid job announcements).  You will receive notification when the job posting is live on the NEHA Web site.


What if I have questions?

If you have questions, contact the NEHA webmaster.


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