Certified Professional Food Manager

Would you like to become a Certified Professional Food Manager? 

For any foodservice operation to manage its risk effectively, managers must learn basic food safety principles, apply that information on the job every day, and pass a Conference for Food Protection/ American National Standards Institute (CFP/ANSI)-approved examination. NEHA offers many ways to become a Certified Professional Food Manager. The course material can be learned in a classroom with a NEHA Food Safety Instructor, by reading the textbook, or online (coming soon).

The NEHA Professional Food Manager Online Course is now available!

Certified Professional Food Manager

NEHA's Professional Food Manager, Fifth Edition supplies culinary and hospitality professionals and students with the knowledge to pass the CFP/ANSI-approved exam while helping to ensure the continued successful execution of food safety best practices in the workplace.



Find a Food Safety Instructor

NEHA’s Food Safety Training program maintains a network of hundreds of Registered Food Safety Instructors spread throughout the globe that provide training and assist us in protecting public health. NEHA Instructors work in health departments, schools, college, universities, military installations, restaurants, hotels, as independent consultants, and in other sectors related to food safety. We require our registered trainers to demonstrate competency in three core areas of food safety. Additionally, our certified trainers must pass a CFP-ANSI exam or possess a REHS/RS or CP-FS credential. As such, you can be assured that you are receiving the most effective training from individuals who have both knowledge and experience in the food safety world.  


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Ready to be Certified?

For more information please contact Trisha Bramwell,, 303.802.2166

 To take your Professional Food Manager exam in your area, please find a local Proctor.

If you are with Le Cordon Bleu and need a copy of your certificate, please contact Prometric at 1.800.624.2736
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