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Pandemic Flu Preparedness Information and Resources

On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) signaled that a global pandemic of novel influenza A (H1N1) was underway by raising the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 6. This action was a reflection of the spread of the new H1N1 virus, not the severity of illness caused by the virus. At the time, more than 70 countries had reported cases of H1N1. Currently, almost 200 countries and territories have reported H1N1 cases to WHO.

The United States continues to report the largest number of H1N1 cases and CDC anticipates that there will be more cases, more hospitalizations, and more deaths associated with this pandemic in the U.S. over the summer and into the fall and winter. To assist environmental health professionals during this challenging time, NEHA has put together this page of useful resources.

CDC Resources

CDC’s 2009 H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) Web page provides a vast amount of valuable pandemic resources, such as:

Other Web Resources

To keep environmental health up-to-date on the evolving pandemic flu situation, NEHA has compiled a growing list of Web resources that include breaking stories, current research, and guidelines for professionals in environmental public health. 

State-by-State Pandemic Flu Information

The response to a serious pandemic will largely be a local event. Thus, state and local governments must do much of the planning for a pandemic. To access information on state pandemic planning, formal agreements, and state activities and contacts, click here

NEHA Resources

Articles on H1N1 sessions from the NEHA 2009 AEC & Exhibition:

Avian and Pandemic Flu Position Paper: If a pandemic flu erupts, a considerable part of the overall effort that will be undertaken in communities around the world is going to be centered on getting the public to adopt basic public health practices. It is NEHA’s position that the environmental health profession will have a role to play in promoting these practices. It is also NEHA’s belief that the profession may have to embrace responsibilities outside of traditional environmental health work.

Online Bookstore: NEHA’s online Bookstore has a Pandemic section that offers environmental public health professionals with relevant and useful resources related to pandemic planning and preparedness.


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