National Environmental
Health Association Resolution to Support

A Global Approach to the Prevention of Youth Tobacco Use

 Adopted July 1999


Purpose: To prevent children worldwide from using tobacco products.


by 2030 worldwide deaths from tobacco use are expected to surpass 10 million a year (to more than triple);

at this level, tobacco-associated deaths will surpass the number of deaths from tuberculosis, malaria, and maternal/childhood conditions combined;

in developing countries, smoking will cause one out of three adult deaths in 2020, up from one in six (1990);

NEHA is concerned with the health of our communities, our nation, and the world; and

a global approach to tobacco prevention was identified during the first International Policy Conference on Children and Tobacco, recently held in Washington, D.C.;

Therefore, be it resolved that NEHA hereby endorses a global strategy against tobacco use by youth.



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