Continuing Education FAQs

Because NEHA receives so many phone calls with questions about continuing education and credential renewals, we have put together this list of commonly asked questions and answers to make this process easier for you.  Click on the link below to reveal the answer.

Q: How do I enter in my Continuing Education hours?

A: To submit coursework or training for CE credit, log into your My NEHA account and click on "Report CE Credits". Enter in the date you attended the course/training as well as the title of the course. Then click "Create". The submissions will then be reviewed by a NEHA staff member and verified within two weeks. You will not receive notification of your submission or whether it has been verified by NEHA. Instead, log into your My NEHA account to view the status of your submission.


Q: What is my credentialing ID?

A: Your credential ID number is separate from your NEHA membership number and/or NEHA activity ID number. Your credential ID number can be found on your credential wallet card and credential wall certificate.


Q: Some of my submissions have a “CE” designation next to them, but some do not. Does that mean some were not approved?

A: No, it does not. The CE designation does not have any impact on the approval status. Its appearance or lack thereof is merely a glitch in the system.


Q: How do I know my CE Submission was received/approved by NEHA?

A: While you're logged into your My NEHA account, you will be able to see the items you submitted and which ones have been verified by a NEHA staff member. If you submit CEs by fax, email, or mail, you will not receive a confirmation of receipt. Instead, they will be uploaded into your My NEHA account.

CEs that have been approved/rejected can be reviewed in your personal online profile via My NEHA. CEs that have been approved will have a credit value other than zero. CEs that have been rejected will appear with a credit value of zero.


Q: How long does it take for NEHA to approve my continuing education submission?

A: NEHA typically approves and uploads your online continuing education submissions weekly on Fridays.


Q: How do I check the status of my continuing education?

A: You can access your continuing education information through My NEHA. My NEHA is the customer-facing piece of a new technology NEHA has implemented, which provides you with the ability to more easily manage, not only your continuing education, but also your personal profile and transactions with NEHA. To access your My NEHA account, simply click on the My NEHA link in the top navigation bar. 


Q: I took courses via NEHA’s e-learning system. Do I enter those courses into the online submission form? 

A: No, you do not. As long as you are completing the entire course, completing any evaluations/quizzes, and then obtaining a certificate from the e-learning site, we will receive the data automatically. The e-learning information is uploaded into your MyNEHA account on a weekly basis on Fridays.


Q: What if my email address/street address/personal information is not on file with NEHA or is incorrect?

A: Please log into your My NEHA account in order to update your personal information. You can contact NEHA’s credentialing department by emailing and request that your information be changed in your record. Once your request is received it can take up to one business day to be changed in our database.


Q: Do I need to send NEHA my supporting documentation for my CE Submissions?

A: No, you do not. Since you will be submitting your submissions electronically, we will no longer require you to submit supporting documentation (i.e. certificate of completion, course agenda, etc). However, we do require that you keep a record of the supporting documentation, as we will be randomly auditing individuals to provide such documentation.


Q: If I hold more than one NEHA credential do I have to enter in the same course more than once?

A: No, if you hold more than one NEHA credential you do not need to enter in the same course more than once.


Q: What is acceptable for continuing education credit with NEHA?

A: Conferences, seminars, classes, lectures, online trainings, etc., are all acceptable forms of continuing education if they are related to the environmental health field – food, water, wastewater, air, vector and pest control, hazardous materials and/or waste management, radiation, recreation, housing and institutional health and safety, occupational health and safety, program planning and legal aspects, or general environmental health and scientific concepts. You may submit up to 4 hours of NEHA book reviews, and up to 10 hours of course instruction per credentialing cycle. You may not submit the same course more than 1 time. You may also submit articles you have written for journals or other academic publications. Please submit the hours you worked on the article, up to 10 hours per credentialing cycle.


Q: Are university courses acceptable for continuing education?

A: Yes, university courses at the undergraduate and graduate level are acceptable if they address environmental health. NEHA grants 16 contact hours for each semester credit hour and 13 contact hours for each quarter hour.


Q: What is the difference between contact hours and CEUs? Which do I need to accrue for renewal of my certification?

A: One “contact hour” is one clock hour of learning time. One CEU is equal to 10 contact hours. NEHA measures continuing education in contact hours.


Q: If I have more than the required number of contact hours accrued within my renewal cycle, can I carry the difference into the next renewal period?

A: No. The term “continuing education” means just that. It is NEHA’s goal to insure that the individuals that hold a NEHA credential are continually educating themselves within the environmental health field. Therefore, we do not carry over continuing education contact hours from one renewal cycle to the next.


Q: Can I enter in my continuing education online if I do not hold a NEHA credential?

A: No, the online submission is available only to those that hold a NEHA credential. If you do not hold a NEHA credential but would like NEHA to maintain your continuing education hours we can do so for a fee of $7.50 per submission. You would complete one CE Submission Form per CE activity and submit it via fax, email or mail to:

National Environmental Health Association
Attn: Continuing Education
720 S. Colorado Blvd., Ste. 1000-N
Denver, Colorado 80246
Fax Number: (303) 691-9490



Q: What is the process and procedure if I am chosen for an audit?

A: If you are chosen for an audit, a representative from NEHA will contact you with further instructions. Be sure to retain all of your supporting documentation in order to submit in case of an audit.