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Environmental Public Health Tracking Program

NEHA is collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/National Center for  Environmental Health (CDC/NCEH), as one of numerous national partner organizations, on the ongoing development and implementation of the Environmental Public Health Tracking (Tracking) Network. The Tracking Program, facilitated by CDC, is building a national public and environmental health information system that supports national efforts to exchange electronic information. The health tracking network aims to better protect communities from adverse health effects through collection, analysis, integration, and interpretation of data about environmental hazards, exposure to environmental hazards, and human health effects potentially related to exposures. For more information, please visit the CDC Tracking site: .


In recognition of the importance of this program, a position paper on Environmental Public Health Tracking was submitted which was recently adopted by the NEHA Board during the Spring Board Meeting. 


NEHA’s current Tracking projects include:

  • Bimonthly columns in the Journal of Environmental Health regarding Tracking activities.

  • Participation in the Radon Pilot Study Workgroup.

  • Increasing knowledge of the nationwide health tracking initiative by disseminating relevant information.

Online Training Courses

  • Tracking 101

  • Tracking in Action: Workforce Implementation


In conjunction with CDC, NEHA is offering these no-cost online courses to learn about Environmental Public Health Tracking. Visit to register and take the course. For more information, contact Christl Tate at or (303) 756-9090 x305.

Click here for more information on how to access the free Tracking 101 course



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