2019 Awards, Honors, and Scholarship Recipients

50th Anniversary of EHAC

  • East Tennessee State University

50th Anniversary of USEHA

  • National Environmental Health Association

Accela/NEHA 2019 AEC Scholarships

  • Vincentiu Anghel
  • Meredith Garman
  • Adam Hahn
  • Maia Hanson
  • Nicholas Iszler
  • Shannon Jaworski
  • Matthew Simonovic
  • Twila Singh
  • Mark Sproat
  • Amber Sturdivant
  • Kelsi Sullivan
  • Audrey Tran Lam

AEHAP Student Research Competition Winners

  • Summer Corsolini
  • Nicholas D'Antonio
  • Thomas Gerding
  • Justine Marecaux
  • Darcy Van Deventer

Davis Calvin Wagner Sanitarian Award

  • CAPT Michael M. Welch

Dr. R. Neil Lowry Grant

  • Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment

HUD Secretary's Award for Healthy Homes

  • City of Rochester Certificate of Occupancy & Lead Inspection Program
  • Partnership Between AARST and HUD Multifamily Program

NEHA Affiliate Certificates of Merit


  • Tesann Achilles- nominated by Arizona
  • LCDR Katie Bante- nominated by Uniformed Services
  • Sandy Bubke- nominated by Iowa
  • Tom Butts- nominated by Colorado
  • Alice Cadotte- nominated by New Jersey
  • Chuck DeJockheere- nominated by Ohio
  • Mark DiMenna- nominated by New Mexico
  • Diane Eastman- nominated by California
  • John Galbraith- nominated by Virginia
  • Kristen Geary- nominated by Missouri
  • Tony Georgeson- nominated by Minnesota
  • Alysa Gustafson- nominated by Alaska
  • Hunter Hubrig- nominated by North Dakota
  • Ed Norris- nominated by Indiana
  • Carol Pharr- nominated by Alabama
  • Stacy Thompson- nominated by Illinois
  • Natalie Vandeveld- nominated by Wisconsin
  • Lynette Wheatley- nominated by New Jersey
  • Stacy Williamson- nominated by Alabama
  • Vivian Zang- nominated by Massachusetts


  • The Fairfax County Health Department- NACCHO Mentorship Program Leadership Team
  • The Florida Environmental Health Association 2018 Annual Education Meeting Planning Committee
  • The Iowa Environmental Health Association 2018 Fall Conference Planning Committee

NEHA Past Presidents Award

  • Dr. Bryan W. Brooks

NEHA Presidential Citations

  • James Balsamo
  • Robert Blake
  • Eric Bradley
  • Laura Brown
  • Brian Collins
  • Robert Custard
  • Michele DiMaggio
  • Tambra Dunams
  • Justin Gerding
  • Ernest Julian
  • Jasen Kunz
  • Glenda Lewis
  • Adam London
  • John Marcello
  • Marilyn Radke
  • Michele Samarya-Timm
  • Monterey County Health Department, Environmental Health Bureau

NSF International Scholarship Program

  • Kate Walters

Samuel J. Crumbine Consumer Protection Award

  • Minneapolis Health Department

Walter F. Snyder Environmental Health Award

  • LCDR Katie L. Bante, MPH, REHS