Give Back by Shopping AmazonSmile blue graphic with the following: #1 holiday hack: When you shop at Amazon donates. Amazon smile.

While shopping online this holiday season, use AmazonSmile and choose NEHA as your charitable organization. Amazon will donate a percentage of your sales back to NEHA!

Shop for gifts online through AmazonSmile and if you choose NEHA as your organization, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your sale back to NEHA. The donations collected through this campaign directly fund our NEHA General Fund.

The NEHA General Fund provides support for additional NEHA expenses outside of the normal budget. With support from you, NEHA can continue to advance and impact environmental health everyday. Every dollar counts!



To see your AmazonSmile impact, login to your AmazonSmile account and hover over the . Here, you can view the amount of donations you've generated and after making a purchase, you will be revealed how much the National Environmental Health Association has raised directly through AmazonSmile.

NEHA is grateful to AmazonSmile for partnering to contribute with every sale.

Thank you for Supporting the NEHA Endowment FoundationNEHA Endowment Foundation

The NEHA Endowment Foundation was established to enable the National Environmental Health Association to do more for the environmental health community than its annual budget might allow. The NEHA Endowment Fund’s goal is to reach a certain financial amount where we can then draw upon to give NEHA the capability to sponsor special programs outside of the normal NEHA budget. These programs rely on the generosity of donors like you to move forward and create a positive impact within the environmental health community. With generous donations towards this fund, together we can do more to provide safe and healthy environments for all in this ever-changing world today. Every dollar makes a difference! 


NEHA Endowment Foundation Clubs 

Thank you for Supporting the NEHA/AAS Scholarship Fund

NEHA/AAS Scholarship Program

The purpose of the NEHA/AAS Scholarship Program is to encourage students to indulge in an early commitment to a career in environmental health as well as to inspire past and present graduates to pursue postgraduate studies in environmental health sciences. This program offers financial assistance to individuals with an evident need and serves to introduce adequately trained professionals into the environmental health workforce. In previous years, students who demonstrated the highest levels of achievement in their respective environmental health degree programs were awarded $5,000 directly from this fund. Your donation empowers NEHA and AAS to continuously award this scholarship to exceptional students who have a passion for environmental health and supports the next generation of environmental health professionals. NEHA relies on the generosity of donors like you to move forward and create a positive impact within the environmental health community. Every dollar makes a difference! 

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Donations are also welcomed by phone at (303) 756-9090, ext. 300, or by mail to the address below.

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