NEHA's Radke Challenge Match Campaign


Thank You for a Successful Radke Challenge Campaign

Supporting our Endowment Fund during this match campaign, sponsored by NEHA past president and major donor, Vince Radke, has resulted in a successful year-end push in our 2020 fundraising goals. From this challenge, we have seen a colossal increase in support during the last few weeks of December, despite the uncertain future and challenges we all faced throughout 2020. Vince would also like to send a huge "Thank you!" to all of our donors to this campaign!

Campaign Results:

24 donors participated
The challenge raised $3,617 from donors
Vince Radke donated a match amount, DOUBLING your dollar - totaling $7,234 raised for the Endowment Fund
3 donors contributed major gifts which resulted in 3 WINNERS of the challenge, earning themselves each a bottle of fine wine
Gift sizes ranged from $10 to $500
As donors to our Endowment Fund, you have shown that you believe in our vision, endorse our projects and efforts in times ahead, and you are invested in our mission. For that, we are grateful to you in perpetuity. Giving to our Endowment Fund sustains the work that we do. It leaves a legacy for your name and is a gesture of caring for our future. 

Thank You to Our Radke Challenge Supporters

Amer Ahraf
James Balsamo, Jr.
David Banaszynski
Gina Bare
Eric Bradley
D G. Brown, In Memory of Dr. Carolyn Hester Harvey
Brian Collins
Robert Custard
Tambra Dunams
David T. Dyjack
Stephen Jones
Sharon L. Kline
Adam Kramer
Derek Monthei
Daniel B. Oerther
Alexis Parale
Laura A. Rabb
Vince Radke
Michele Samarya-Timm, In Honor of Public Health COVID-19 Workforce
Walter P. Saraniecki, In Memory of William (Bill) Broadway
Mario Seminara
Jill Shugart
Jacqueline Taylor
Ned Therien

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For more details on this campaign, please contact Lexi Nally at or (303) 756-9090, ext. 300.