Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Department

MyNEHA Login or Account Creation Troubles? Review Our Tips Below to Troubleshoot:

1. We updated our member portal in 2019. Are you at the current MyNEHA member portal website? 

2. Your username contains all lowercase letters: should be entered in as JSmith123 should be entered in as jsmith123.

3. Can't remember your username? Use the quick assistance "Forgot Username" function located under the profile icon in the top right corner of the MyNEHA home screen. Enter in your email and you'll receive a follow up email that provides your username. *Please be sure to check your junk/spam folder for this email.

4. Can't remember your password? Use the quick asssitance "Forgot Password" function located in the login prompt, listed under the Password field. Enter in the details to recieve a follow up email and reset your password. *Please be sure to check your junk/spam folder for this email.

5. Creating a new MyNEHA account but the "Next" button is grayed out and you can't move forward? Check that you have answered ALL fields marked with a * . These fields are required to complete your account set up. *Please note: An Office address is required, however, you can set your address preference for mailings to either your Home or Office address.

If you've tried our above tips and are still experiencing issues, contact us at for further assistance.


  1. How can I become a NEHA member?
  2. What membership category do I qualify for?
  3. What are the benefits of being a NEHA member?
  4. How can I renew my membership?
  5. Can I be refunded or have my membership transferred to someone else?
    1. NEHA memberships are non-transferable. Member Services staff will refund membership dues within 30 days of purchase upon request. We encourage you to read through each membership option before making a final purchase. To submit a request for a refund please contact

If you have further unanswered questions regarding NEHA Membership, contact the Membership Department at 


  1. How do I know how many CEs I have earned?
  2. How do I renew my credential?
  3. How many years is my credential valid for?
    1. All credentials are valid for two years.
  4. What types of credentials does NEHA offer? What are the requirements? How do I apply?
    1. REHS/RS
    2. CP-FS
    3. CCFS
    4. CFOI
    5. CFSSA
    6. RFSA
  5. How can I submit CEs?
  6. Do you offer credential study guides?
  7. I have more questions on Continuing Education

If you have further unanswered questions regarding NEHA Credentials, contact the Credentialing Department at 

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which HACCP courses do you offer?
  2. What types of certificate programs do you offer?
  3. How do I purchase a subscription to the Journal of Environmental Health?
  4. Where can I make a donation?
  5. I am a student or young professional, does NEHA offer scholarships and/or internships?

Still have questions? Visit our Contact Us page for a Department Contact list to reach out to specific NEHA team member.