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Board Adopts New Policies at AEC

At the 2023 AEC in New Orleans, the Board of Directors adopted six policies related to environmental health. These policies are related to food safety, data modernization, recreational waters, and climate change. These policies will remain in place until October 2028, unless revised before that date.

We adopted policy statements regarding:

  • Climate Change | PDF
  • The Need for Data Modernization and Informatics in Environmental Health Programs | PDF
  • Enrollment and Conformance With the Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards of the Food and Drug Administration | PDF
  • Food Safety Related to Consumable Cannabis Products | PDF
  • Raw Milk | PDF
  • Recreational Waters and the Model Aquatic Health Code | PDF

Policies guide our response to government action on environmental health. These policies are designed to enlighten policymakers as to the impacts the environment has on public health and to give a scientific understanding of these issues. We share these policies with decision-makers and use them as testimony on legislation and policies a federal, state, local, tribal or territorial government may seek to adopt, to ensure the legislation addresses environmental health concerns adequately.

The newly adopted policies will further enhance the broader policies we undertake on environmental health:

  • Environmental Health Credentialing/Workforce
  • Body Art
  • Climate Change
  • Food Safety
  • Preparedness
  • Research into Environmental Health
  • Vector Control
  • Water Quality

For more information on our policy statements, contact Doug Farquhar at dfarquhar@neha.org.