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National Pest Management Month

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Friday, April 30, 2021 - 10:15
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NEHA's Vector Program Committee
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April is National Pest Management Month, so we thought we would showcase the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and point you toward some useful tools available on their website. Many of you work closely with the pest control community in current roles. These professionals share the common goal of public health and are key in providing the services necessary to control many of our key vectors.

The National Pest Management Association is the pest control industry's version of NEHA with similar goals of raising the standards within the industry, providing research on new technology, as well as being a vehicle of collaborative support amongst their peer group. Many of NEHA's members are also active in NPMA with the shared goal of continuing to search for new and creative ways to reduce the threats associated with vector-borne diseases. If pest-related issues are part of your responsibilities, we would encourage you to include NPMA's website in your toolbox.

Here are some of the items you may find useful:

  • Pest World | Pest Guide
    • Provides updated information on many of the common vectors you are likely to deal with in the US and Canada. The site provides some good images for quick identification along with some key facts about the pest that you will find helpful in offering advice on control. Links to YouTube videos are also provided on the pages specific to that vector.
    • NPMA has worked with partner organizations to provide images and useful information of tick species that may be specific to certain states in the US. You'll find this page at https://www.pestworld.org/ticks-by-state/
    • The News-Hub provides you with access to articles related to pests. Many of the articles are written by their internal team of Entomologists, who have done a tremendous amount of research on these pests, so we don't have to. https://www.pestworld.org/news-hub/pest-articles/
    • Many of us are asked to make recommendations for pest control companies in our local communities. We all know the risk associated with recommending a specific company, so NPMA has created a list of possible providers by zip code. The good news is that NPMA has an internal accreditation program in which they vet their members so we can confidently point individuals to this website if someone is looking for a provider without offering a specific company. https://www.pestworld.org/find-local-exterminators/
    • If anyone has any desire to learn more about pest-related topics, NMPA offers an education & events page that will give you access to conferences scheduled throughout the year as well as webinars. You can find all of them listed on this page. https://npmapestworld.org/education-events/upcoming-events/
    • Finally, we'll point you to their resource center, which includes the following:

We hope this information is helpful. Happy Pest Management Month NEHA!

Photo credit: National Pest Management Association

This blog is brought to you by NEHA's Vector Program Committee. Special thank you to Keith Robinson.

For more vector resources, visit NEHA's Vectors and Public Health Pests webpage.

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