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Coquillettidia perturbans Surveillance Method

Surveillance methods are used to understand local mosquito populations. Surveillance techniques should be targeted at mosquito species that can transmit disease to people. Active surveillance needs to be utilized to identify and control Cq. perturbans mosquitoes.

Active surveillance uses multiple techniques such as trapping mosquitoes, counting trapped mosquitoes to obtain population estimates testing trapped mosquitoes for disease, identification of potential breeding sources. When trapping adult mosquitoes, it is important to identify the species of concern to reduce costs of testing. There are multiple types of traps. The most common trap for Cq. perturbans surveillance is the CDC miniature light trap. Trap placement should start with traps being placed evenly throughout the geographic location. This will help to identify areas with higher mosquito activity and where subsequent control efforts should be focused.

Photo courtesy of CDC / James Gathany
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