Transcript Review

Transcript Review $50.00

Please allow four to six weeks to complete your request.

Both steps must be completed

STEP 1: Use this form to request a review of your college transcript prior to completing a credential application to see if coursework you have completed is acceptable to fulfill eligibility criteria. This request is optional and does not serve as approval to sit for an exam. The Transcript Review fee is non-refundable. Unofficial transcript copies are allowed if they are legible, a copy of the back side is included, student’s name and school’s name are visible, and credit hours are identified as semester hours or quarter hours.

STEP 2: Once this form is completed and submitted, you will be automatically redirected to the NEHA Store to finalize your purchase of the “Transcript Review”. You will need to create a User ID/MyNEHA profile if you do not have one. You will be prompted to login or create a profile prior to completing your purchase. Finalize your purchase by entering “Transcript Review” in the Search field (top-middle).