Time Under Tension

David Dyjack, DrPH, CIH

Using the strength and conditioning training refrain "time under tension," this month's column takes a look at the current time in U.S. society and the state of national tension. Our association and profession are not immune to the winds that buffet our country and its people. Utilizing a couple examples of what this situation looks like in practice, the column explores the need for us to be accepting of others and to work together toward our common goals. We need to recommit ourselves to the notion that environmental health is a fact-based profession. We cannot do justice to our profession and the people we serve if we deliberately or inadvertently close our minds or conduct ourselves in a manner that excludes a segment of society. In summation, NEHA is for everybody—not just those who agree with us.

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Journal of Environmental Health
September 2018
Volume 81, Number 2