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Windmills and Calder Mobiles

David Dyjack, DrPH, CIH

NEHA has enjoyed a healthy, albeit uneven, growth trajectory for the last 4 years. NEHA is experiencing a surge of monetary resources because of targeted federal investments, as well as an increase in membership. There is good evidence that we are in the midst of a modest association revival. In parallel with the organizational growth lies an expanded sense of expectation of us. How do we harness the substantial momentum we've generated and ensure we find the right people to join our team? In this month's column, Dr. Dyjack explores three talent types that he values and seeks in perspective employees. This dynamic environment we are currently in has introduced amazing opportunities for us to demonstrate leadership and it is important that we hire the right people to achieve great things.

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Journal of Environmental Health
November 2019
Volume 82, Number 4