World Food Safety Day Videos

Frank Yiannas, Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response

U.S. Food and Drug Administration, United States

To open NEHA and EHA’s World Food Safety Day chat series hear from event hosts Laura Wildey and Philip Swain as they welcome and share about the event. Then, Frank Yiannas speaks about the interconnectedness of the global food system and how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is forwarding a modernized food safety system in the United States. 

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Kamran Khodaverdi, Senior Environmental Health Officer

Shoalhaven City Council, Australia, Speaking about time in Iran

Kamran Khodaverdi shares about his experiences over 10 years of working in food safety in Iran. He shares about how Environmental Health Officers check food and water safety at retail food establishments, provide health cards for employees working in retail food establishments, and how technology is being implemented as part of inspections.  

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James Teio, Program Officer, Food Safety and Quarantine

Environmental Health Branch, National Department of Health, Papua New Guinea

In this live discussion, James Teio shares about some of the common problems inspectors in PNG encounter, how they provide support to establishments to improve food safety practices, and what inspires him to do this kind of work. 

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Lydia Buchtmann, Former Manager Media and Stakeholder Relations

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Section, Food Standards Australia New Zealand

Lydia Buchtmann presents on her 15 years of experience in food safety and shares some insights on more and less successful strategies in communication around food safety as well as the role of community and education campaigns.  

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Dr. Hussein Mansour, Chairman

National Food Safety Authority in Egypt

Dr. Mansour discusses some of the unique features of food regulation in Egypt, the founding of the National Food Safety Authority in Egypt, and the many roles that health inspectors fill in Egypt.

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Jessica Collado, Environmental Health Specialist

Contra Costa County Environmental Health Division, California, United States

Jessica Collado shares about some of the unique challenges working in large but geographically dispersed county in California, some of the ways Contra Costa County works to make food safety education accessible such as by providing resources in languages other than English and at places like community colleges.  

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Linnees Green-Baker, Chief Public Health Inspector

Clarendon Health Department, Jamaica

Linnees Green-Baker talks about some of the unique retail food establishments that exist in Jamaica, how they partner with industry to provide food safety support, and shares what has inspired her to continue in this work.

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