NEHA Body Art Committee


To be a resource for environmental health professionals and NEHA leadership dedicated to developing resources and programs, increasing workforce capacity and fostering improved body art practices to protect public health.


NEHA’s Body Art Committee is comprised of public and private sector experts working in partnership to provide outcomes in the following priority areas:

  • Development of a Body Art Model Code that reflects best practices and standardized procedures to ensure public health and safety in the field of body art.
  • Identification of training gaps, needs of the profession, and emerging issues and recommendations for addressing these and other issues.
  • Identification of best practices, successes and challenges for environmental health professionals working in the field of body art.
  • Guidance, input and participation in the development of NEHA’s body art program and projects.
  • Promotion and dissemination of NEHA body art related materials and resources.
  • Ongoing collaboration with organizations interested in ensuring best practices and safety in the field of body art.
  • Development and identification of training materials, guidance documents, and policy statements relating to the field of body art.


NEHA's Body Art Committee is comprised of local, state, federal and industry professionals with environmental health and body art expertise.

NEHA Body Art Committee Members

Jodi Zimmerman, REHS, MPH, Co-Chair
Registered Environmental Health Specialist II
El Paso County, Colorado Public Health Department
Steve Joyner, Co-Chair
Body Art Compliance - Founder
Body Art Professional
Laurel Arrigona 
Regulatory, Ceutical Labs, Inc. 
AFDO Body Art Committee Chair 
Body Art Education Alliance Chair 
Kate Ciampi Shergold 
Executive Director 
Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals 
Permanent Cosmetic Professional
Cathy Montie  
Body Art Training Company  
OSHA Authorized Industry Specific Trainer 
Body Art Professional
Michael Crea, M.S. 
Executive Director, Florida Environmental Health Association 
Body Piercer & Body Art Trainer 
Girvin Liggans, Ph.D., REHS, DAAS 
Technical Lead, Retail Food Policy 
U.S. Food and Drug Administration 
Matt Bavougian 
Onyx Piercing Studio - Owner / Senior Piercer
Body Art Education Alliance, Co-Chair
John Misock  
U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Retired 
Carolynn Balcar
Environmental Consultant   
Bureau of Environmental Health
Florida Department of Health
John Johnson 
OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer
Association of Professional Piercers 
Katherine Martinez, REHS 
Registered Environmental Health Specialist
Kent County, Michigan Health Department