Food Safety Tools

For decades, NEHA has worked closely with health departments in every state to offer the most up-to-date food-safety information and to keep abreast of food-safety trends. NEHA offers food safety learning materials and credentials for all professionals in the culinary and hospitality industries. In addition, NEHA Food Safety Instructors train those starting out in the culinary and hospitality industries to become knowledgeable about best food safety practices.

This page contains resources, fact sheets, and videos about food safety to reinforce learning. Please use the following resources and share others that are helpful to you.

Food Safety Ninja / Lake County General Health District

The Lake County General Health District developed the Food Safety Ninja website. The site has videos that illustrate important food safety topics, and quizzes to review the knowledge. It was created to help improve food safety and prevent foodborne illness. You can learn more about this project and read the interview with Lake County General Health District by visiting the A Day in the Life NEHA blog.

View Video on Employee Illness

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Food Safety and Nutrition Resources for Healthcare Professionals

The Food and Drug Administration and American Medical Association partnered to develop medical education resources about important health topics related to food safety. 

View Video on Preventing Foodborne Illness: Talking to Patients About Food Safety