Food Safety

Sensory Evaluation

Course includes hands-on working demo with Excel!

Great food products delight many senses all at once. In fact, the sensory quality of a food product is the single most important factor influencing its success in the marketplace. You can increase the chances of a product's success in today's food and pharmaceutical markets if you can understand and measure the sensory quality of foods.

Build your sensory evaluation skills and develop a greater understanding of the science behind food aroma, taste, color, and texture in this 2-day class.

Consumers to Chefs: Food Safety Education Matters

At this seventh in a series of conferences sponsored by the non-profit Partnership for Food Safety Education, we’ll explore influences on consumers, the way to affect behavior change, and the way forward to better engaging everyone in modeling proper food preparation and hand hygiene practices. 

To plan attendance into your org budget, we estimate cost at about $900 for two nights at the hotel and early bird conference registration.

Professional Food Manager Online Course

Professional Food Manager Online Course

The Professional Food Manager Online Course prepares people working in the food and beverage industries with the knowledge needed to pass the ANSI/CFP-approved Certified Professional Food Manager exam.

Preview NEHA's Professional Food Manager Online Course


Professional Food Manager Online Course Overview

  • Provides the knowledge needed for culinary and hospitality professionals to pass accredited food manager exams.
  • Equivalent to a two-day in-person training course, but can be taken at your own pace.
  • Certified Professional Food Handlers who are ready to take the next step and become Certified Professional Food Managers will learn everything they need to know in this course.

 Please contact Trisha Bramwell,, 303.802.2166 for more information.

EH Topics: 

Iowa Environmental Health Assoc. Fall Conference

The IEHA Fall Conference is a must-attend event for every Environmental Health Professional / Sanitarian in Iowa. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from and network with national, regional, state and local experts in Environmental Health and reconnect with friends and colleagues as you attend the numerous sessions, exhibits, and the evening networking event.

Vince Radke, NEHA President, and Kim Carlton, Region 4 Vice-President, will be in attendance representing NEHA. Vince Radke will give keynote and plenary session presentations.