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Epi-Ready Team Training

Epi-Ready Team Training: Foodborne Illness Response Strategies

EPI-Ready: Foodborne Illness Outbreak Response Training Three Legged StoolWhat Is Epi-Ready?

Developed in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Epi-Ready is a two-day in-person workshop for environmental and public health professionals with responsibility for investigation of foodborne illness outbreaks. With a team-based approach to training, Epi-Ready focuses on how to efficiently and effectively respond to an outbreak by understanding the roles and responsibilities of the disciplines involved—using the analogy of the 3-legged stool. 

The Epi-Ready 3-legged stool represents a collaboration between the three disciplines involved in a foodborne illness investigation, environmental health specialists/sanitarians, epidemiologists and laboratory staff. The course also recognizes the important role of critical support players including but not limited to health educators, public health nurses, public information officers, and the food industry.  Epi-Ready gives your team the tools and training to prevent a foodborne illness outbreak before it occurs.

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Outbreak Response… Is Your Team Ready?

 Reasons to Host an Epi-Ready Workshop on Foodborne Illness Response Strategies

  • Proactive training for teams before an incident occurs
  • Clear lines of communication and responsibilities within departments
  • Improved collaboration between organizations and disciplines
  • Reduced response time
  • Staff and community confidence of having a well-trained team in place

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