Repository of Resources

Low or No-Cost Resources Repository

This repository serves as a central source of useful tools and trainings that can be used to support data-use activities and programs. This repository will grow as additional sources are identified.

Community Health Peer Learning Program

Program engaging 15 communities to identify data solutions, accelerate local progress, and disseminate best practices and lessons learned.

Learn more: Community Health Peer Learning Program

County Health Rankings

Ranking of health data from nearly every county in the U.S., including data on high school graduation rates, obesity, smoking, unemployment, access to healthy foods, the quality of air and water, income inequality, and teen births.

Learn more: County Health Rankings

Data GOV

Federal website housing publicly available datasets, data tools, and other resources to conduct research, develop applications, and create data visualizations.

Learn more: Data GOV

Federal government's website to promote open data and accountability. Aims to increase citizen participation, economic development, and improve decision making.

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Digital Bridge

Forum for decision makers in health care, public health, and health information technology to share ideas, generate solutions, and cultivate new projects.

Learn more: Digital Bridge

Dining Grades

Provides consumers with data from restaurant health inspection scores converted into a simple letter grade system.

Learn more: Dining Grades

Disasters and Environmental Vulnerability Webinar

IDEA EH May 2018 Webinar:

Webinar discussing conducting research after a disaster, working with established community partners to collect data, and interpreting and translating post-disaster data for communities and residents.

Learn more: IDEA EH May 2018 Webinar

EJSCREEN: Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool

Environmental justice mapping and screening tool combining environmental and demographic data in maps and reports.

Learn more: EJSCREEN: Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool


Collection of interactive tools that allow users to download and analyze data and maps related to ecosystem services (benefits humans receive from nature). 

Learn more: EnviroAtlas

Environmental Information Exchange Network

Online system that enables state, tribal and territorial partners to share environmental and health data with the Environmental Protection Agency and each other.

Learn more: Environmental Information Exchange Network