Repository of Resources

Low or No-Cost Resources Repository

This repository serves as a central source of useful tools and trainings that can be used to support data-use activities and programs. This repository will grow as additional sources are identified.

Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Federal organization that coordinates nationwide efforts to implement and use the most advanced health information technology and the electronic exchange of health information.

Learn more: Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Open Data Institute

Nonprofit working to create and support practices that foster open data. Resources include policy development, technology development, community building, and training opportunities.

Learn more: Open Data Institute

Open Standards for Data (ODI)

Online guidebook to help users create, develop, and adopt standards for open data. 

Learn more: Open Standards for Data (ODI)

Plotly Cloud

Free public cloud platform and associated tools. Steeper learning curve as it uses JavaScript, Python, R, and SQL. Paid versions permit security and publishing.

Learn more: Plotly Cloud

Power BI Desktop

Data dashboard with tools to connect, model, and explore datasets with visual reports that can be integrated with other tools, including Microsoft Excel. Cannot publish in free version. Short learning curve for basic use, but advanced reports possible. Direct query allows for smaller local file sizes, but limits data wrangling.

Learn more: Power BI Desktop

Predicting Septic Failures and Prioritizing Public Health Interventions Webinar

IDEA EH July 2018 Webinar:

Webinar discussing environmental factors associated with septic failures, issues homeowners commonly have with their septic system, methods to identify areas of highest risk for septic failures, how to tailor public health interventions to address root causes of septic failures, and how to practice data integration and mapping to drive decisions.

Learn more: IDEA EH July 2018 Webinar

Public Health Data Standards Consortium

Nonprofit working with public and private sector partners to create health information technology standards to improve the integration of health related data systems.

Learn more: Public Health Data Standards Consortium

Public Health Informatics Conference

Biannual informatics conference addressing issues related to the science of public health informatics, evolving public health systems, and public health’s role in our nation’s expanding health information technology (IT) infrastructure. 

Learn more: Public Health Informatics Conference

Public Health Informatics Fellowship

Fellowship program providing on the job training in information science, computer science, and information technology to enhance the public health informatics workforce and solve problems domestically and abroad.  

Learn more: Public Health Informatics Fellowship

Public Health Informatics Institute

Nonprofit working to establish informatics as a critical discipline in public health. Supports organizations around the world to transform health practitioners’ ability to use information effectively.

Learn more: Public Health Informatics Institute