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Zika Outbreak: WHO's Global Emergency Response Plan

Mosquito control: can it stop Zika at source?

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PAHO Statement on Zika Transmission and Prevention

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Q&A Zika and Pregnancy



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Resources for Vector Control Professionals

       Advising Pregnant Women About Zika: Latest Guidance From CDC

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Additional Resources

Zika Prevention & Community Education guide to provide information to people living in the affected areas from Hesperian Health Guides. It is available Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Previous Webinars

Making it Stick: Risk Communication in times of Zika

Featured presenter: John Godec, Godec, Randall & Associates, Inc.

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Local Health Departments: Preparing for and Preventing Zika


Featured presenters:

Jennifer T. Jackson, M.P.H., Epidemiologist, Florida Department of Health in Orange County, Florida

David Overfield, Environmental Administrator, Florida Department of Health in Orange County, Florida

Shaun C. May, M.P.H., R.E.H.S. Environmental Health Director, City of Amarillo, Texas

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Questions for Presenters from this webinar.

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Preventing Zika in the U.S.: What Environmental Health and Pest Management Professionals Need to Know 

Featured presenter: Sarah R. Michaels, MSPH, Supervisor of Mosquito Control, City of New Orleans Mosquito Control Board, New Orleans, LA

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