NEHA Participates in Giving Tuesday

NEHA's Giving Tuesday Campaign: Supporting the NEHA/AAS Scholarship Program


Our #GivingTuesday Goal

This year, we participated in our first Giving Tuesday campaign. Our goal was to raise $10,000 toward our NEHA/AAS Scholarship Fund on November 30, 2021. By participating in Giving Tuesday, we hope we encouraged you to think about the future of environmental health and preparing the next generation. 

Thank You to All of Our Supporters Who Made an Impact:

  • Peter J. Mitchell
  • Kaiser Milo
  • Lisa Whitlock
  • Christopher J. Smith
  • Gery M. DuParc
  • Peter H. Sansone
  • Gail P. Vail
  • Lynn Schneider
  • Alexus Nally
  • Donna M. Houston
  • Margaret Zarriello
  • Tom A. Vyles
  • Michele R. DiMaggio, in memory of George Nakamura
  • Eileen Neison
  • Christl Tate
  • David T. Dyjack, in memory of George Nakamura
  • Larry A. Ramdin
  • Renee Clark
  • Gina Bare, in memory of Brian Hess
  • Chintan Somaiya, in memory of Dr. Samuel J. Soret
  • Kristen Ruby-Cisneros
  • Karen Hoffman Bender
  • Carol McInnes
  • Jordan Strahle
  • James Speckhart
  • Johany D. Negron Bird
  • Welford Roberts
  • Ann M. Loree
  • Denise K. Takehara
  • Rance Baker, in memory of Brian Hess
  • Sandra Long
  • Liz Otero
  • Cynthia Goldstein
  • Thomas J. Butts
  • Richard F. Collins
  • Kimberley Carlton
  • Roy Kroeger
  • Brian K. Collins, in memory of George Nakamura
  • D. G. Brown, in memory of Dr. Carolyn H. Harvey
  • Soni Fink
  • Nola Kennedy
  • Kristie Denbrock
  • Marcy Barnett
  • Ned Therien
  • Alan M. Croft
  • Sharon L. Kline, in memory of George Nakamura
  • Vincent J. Radke
  • Jesse Bliss, in memory of Dr. Samuel Soret
  • Ralph Matthews
  • Webster Young, Jr.

Giving Back Year-round!

It is our time to meet the health, environment, and safety issues that confront our great country. Please consider a contribution today. 

If you know of a hero in your network that you’d like to recognize, consider making a tribute gift in honor of them. If you make a tribute gift during this holiday season, your honored friend will receive an e-card to notify them of your gift. If you make a tribute gift in memory of a lost friend, their name will be honored in a special listing on our website. 

Honor a friend today

How Our Giving Tuesday Campaign Will Help Students

By participating in Giving Tuesday, we are encouraging you to think about the future of environmental health. Each year we award a total of $7,000 to two undergraduate and one graduate student through the NEHA/AAS Scholarship program. With your help, we can do more! Help us build our scholarship fund for the opportunity to either increase our scholarship amounts or to support more students every year. 

  • One undergraduate applicant will be awarded the Dr. Sheila Davidson Pressley scholarship in the amount of $2,250.
  • One undergraduate applicant will be awarded the Dr. Carolyn Hester Harvey scholarship in the amount of $2,250.
  • One graduate will be awarded a scholarship in the amount of $2,500.

So, what does the NEHA/AAS Scholarship go towards?

Following the students' notice of the award, the scholarship is forwarded directly to the recipients financial aid office and applied to their student dues. Student dues include tuition, room and board, and a number of miscellaneous student fees. In context, the scholarship will help eleviate the student's debt for one realm of expenses, allowing their savings to go toward expenses like books, supplies, groceries, etc.

Although the average student's cost of a degree from a 4-year college is breaching $100,000 (cost of tution plus additional expenses across 4 years) and the NEHA/AAS Scholarship is a small fraction of this, this award still means a lot to students. The students who receive this award are deserving, dedicated, hard-working students that juggle full time classwork and part-time jobs to help pay their way toward becoming an environmental professional. 

By donating to the NEHA/AAS Scholarship Fund, you are inspiring students and supporting them during their journey toward making the world a better place. If we can grow the NEHA/AAS Scholarship program, we can do more for more students.



For questions about this campaign, contact Heather Folker at 


  • "This scholarship means a lot to me. Education is very expensive and I plan on trying to attend grad school. I am extremely grateful to those who helped donate for this scholarship to be possible for me and anyone else who is fortunate enough to receive it. "
    - Samson Strickland, 2021 Scholarship Recipient